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User Review : Sands of Destruction

We are gonna destroy the world!

Sands of Destruction

Platform - DS
No. of Players - 1
Genre - RPG (Japanese RPG)
Vexx's classification - A JRPG where you try to destroy the world...OOOOOO
Time played - About 24-26 hours

"We are gonna destroy the world!"

This game was a mixed bag. I bought it out of impulse and then the reviews came in by websites and they tore it apart. Despite that I still had fun with this game.

To take a quote from one of my old blogs on Gamespot the story is basically:
"Those beast dudes from Fire Emblem (the Lupiz or something like that) took over the world and now the humans are like "Well this place suc4s now" and there is one group of humans that are like "Hey lets just destroy the world and start over" Enter the World Annihilation Front. Wrecking the Beast mens **** where ever they go. Then out in the country some kid (Kyrie) minding his own damn business when he realizes he has the power to destroy the world by turning everything into sand (half the world is already sand and already dying anyway). After **** hits the fan he meets up with Morte a chick on the World Annihilation Front who is apparently there biggest badass and seems to always have a bounty on her head. She is all "HEY YOU ARE THAT GUY THATS GONNA HELP US DESTROY THE WORLD" and Kyrie is all "Wha?" and together they are on a quest to basically...Destroy the world."

-Game gets points for story originality
-A combo system I haven't seen before. That's new and refreshing.
-Likeable and fresh characters
-Soothing town music
-Doesn't take itself to seriously.

- Said combo system and move customization system makes a majority of the game a cakewalk.
-You cant use the words character development that much
-The battle music is bland as hell
- It also doesnt take it seriously in how the game progresses from one area to another wither.
-Virtually no sidequest until the end of the game and at that point its only to get everyones final most powerful weapon
-Only 2 bosses are actually a threat in the game (in my opinion)
-Final Boss is a cake walk (maybe I grinded to much?)
-The ending just kinda...happens

I dunno. If they put more work into gameplay as they did the characters I would have loved it much more.

Fun Factor
A majority of this comes from the comedy
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