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User Review : Resistance: Fall of Man

  • Great story: Even my little cousins were interested in the story{Organized multiplayer: The lobby system is organized and ranking system is good
  • Sometimes the death animations are stiff and just seem un-natural

The Fall of Man, Rise of Chimera

Resistance: Fall of Man is a launch title for the Sony Playstation 3 and was released in 2006 (If I am not mistaken).Resistance is a game of the first person shooter and is developed by Insomniac games, who are responsible for the Spyro the Dragon series and Ratchet and Clank series.

Anyways enough with the introduction let us go into the review. Resistance takes place in an alternate history setting with the great depression and WWII never happening. But instead a mysterious force called the Chimera have taken over most of Europe with the United Kingdom being left to defend themselves. You take control of Nathan Hale an American Sargent sent to liberate the UK. This story is fairly well done with a little touch of mystery to promote the player to further complete the game.

The graphics in this game are fairly well done while still being 2 years old. Details in the environments are well done, and the environments also have a very "doomed and invaded" theme to it, which helps bring the feeling of being "doomed" to the player. A small gripe in this game is that the death animations are very stiff and guns tend to stay in the players hand even when he is dead. This is small but the small flaw is still there.

Gameplay in this game is very fun, I paced myself during the game, not because I did not like it, but I wanted it to last me a long time. The weaponry in this game also very fun to play with, very unique guns and grenades and almost every gun has a secondary fire and even a tertiary fire. This gives the player many options of how to take out an enemy either go up to him close with a shot gun or even take him out with a sniper the choice is up to the player. The game also features a 2 split screen co-op, 4 player split screen multiplayer and even online multiplayer. This gives the game a very high replay value even after you are done with the single player.

The online multiplayer is fairly good and can sometimes be a huge frag fest with up to 40 players online. The lobby system is very organized with the choice of either playing in a ranked or unranked game. Online gametypes consists of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Team Objective which is a compilation CTF, Assault and Meltdown.

All in all Resistance: Fall of Man is a well done launch title and very fun First person shooter. If you own a PS3 I would recommend you get your hands on it.

The gameplay is fun, very run and gun yet it can change to duck and hide or even changed to twitchy in seconds. It all depends on the enemies you are facing.
Good looking game even though its 2 years old. Environments are large and detailed, and enemies look menacing.
The sounds in this game set a very good ambiance, many times I have been startled due to a change in the background soundtrack or even a hidden chimera grumbling. Weapons calibers sound good and realistic.
Fun Factor
I paced myself during the game. To make this game's singleplayer to last me as long as possible, because the game is very fun.
Well organized lobby system, ranking system and post game stats make this game's multiplayer fun.
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I'm glad the online is still well used in this game.

And F the Titans.