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User Review : Resistance 3

A Good Game That Feels a Bit too Familiar

After the negative fan reception of Resistance 2 Insomniac Games went back to the drawing board for Resistance 3. Resistance 3 is set a few years after the ending of Resistance 2 and follows Joseph Capelli as he leaves his new life to stop the Chimera virus once and for all. The first thing you notice when you get your hands on the game is how different it is from Resistance 2. Going away from the set-pieces that defined Resistance 2’s campaign, Resistance 3 focuses on the tight fire fights between Joseph and the Chimera while still having a few set-pieces in the mix.

The weapon wheel returns in all its glory allowing players to be able to play how they want to. This is great compared to other games where guns are conveniently placed for certain situations. This allows for experimentation and overall more fun as you never feel like you’re out of ammo. Also, the way each gun feels and plays is unique and adds variety. A standout for the new guns would be the Atomizer with its secondary fire. It shoots a mini black hole that draws enemies to it and zaps them until they die in a great animation. Furthermore, having the guns level up and become more powerful with use adds to the customized experience that Resistance 3 entails.

Resistance 3’s story is more personal and human than both previous entries. Joseph feels guilty after killing Hale in Resistance 2 despite it being the right thing to do and as a result he wants to redeem himself. The story follows this redemption as he journeys across America to New York. This is an attempt to finally stop the Chimera and allow survivors to start living their lives out of fear. This is onset with Joseph’s family as he wants to provide for them and care for his sick son. The one thing that the story did not do as good as it could of was set up the levels. The levels in the game are all basically Joseph getting stuck in an area, he meets someone, they tell him what to do, he does it and he then goes to a new area and the cycle repeats. This does get better near the end of the game as the story starts getting more grave during the cut scenes. More story during gameplay would have been nice. Overall, Resistance 3 wraps up Josephs personal story nicely while allowing more games to be made if wanted to.

The levels in Resistance 3 are all unique and different than one another but not compared to other shooters. There are noticeable similarities to games like Half-Life 2 with a whole level feeling like “We don’t go to Ravenholm anymore.” Another part of the game felt like Half-Life 2 Episode 2 when you are in the mines running from a giant antlion. There’s also the train level, a sniping level and a hold your position as long as possible level. The level design is great in Resistance 3 as you never get lost and feel like you are constantly moving to new distinct areas. The levels themselves feel too familiar and similar to other shooters. The graphics however, have a unique style and are some of the best in first person shooters on consoles. Every environment looks great and distinct as well as each type of enemy. The sound in the game is also great with a great score during the more intense parts of the game.

Resistance 3’s multiplayer could have a large following if patched and updated regularly. Resistance 3 came out at a time where no new big online shooters have been released and as a result has some breathing room to become some people’s new favorite online game. It’s a standard class and perks multiplayer with kill streaks but the uniqueness comes from the backdrop of humans versus the Chimera. Both have their own unique kill streaks and designs that adds to the tension between two distinct forces fighting. This is not like Call of Duty where you cannot tell which team you are on unless looking at the scoreboard. With promised DLC and patches Resistance 3 could have a strong online community.

Resistance 3 is a game with a lot to offer. With good multiplayer, graphics, sound, story and gameplay no one will feel cheated if they pick the game up. However, games need to start bringing more uniqueness to their levels and design instead of going to others for inspiration because as a result shooters, like Resistance 3, are becoming familiar and dated before they are even played.

Some of the best in console shooters.
Great soundtrack during intense firefights and good weapon and bullet sounds.
Great variety in enemies and weapons. More tight gameplay than Resistance 2 with a boss fight or set piece thrown in here or there.
Fun Factor
Great game play but some of the levels feel too familiar.
A good online with great opposing forces but countless other games have the same basic multi-player.
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coolbeans3673d ago

Although there's a few noticeable errors in the first paragraphs, I still approved because you brought across a good message. You'll notice the mistakes if you read the review out loud. PM if you'd like some help :).

3672d ago
CynicalVision3672d ago

'Feels a Bit too Familiar'

Not to judge but isn't that the entire point of a sequel?

coolbeans3672d ago

"Too" being the key word. Sequels are meant to feel familiar, but also branch out enough to feel like they have their own identity.

CynicalVision3672d ago

I disagree, People buy sequels because they like the experience of the first.

JaredH3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

If you read the review I'm not saying Resistance 3 feels like Resistance 2 or 1. I'm saying that it feels just like every other shooter in it's levels and some design choices. This makes the game less exciting.

SLLCKGT3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

All too familiar? Have you played the BF3 beta? You don't even need to play MW3 to know exactly how it is. Although you are entitled to your opinion I can't understand your comment about being too familiar. I seriously don't think I can enjoy other FPSs like this one ever again. 12 weapon wheel. No health regeneration. Continuously outnumbered and outgunned. Like I said in my other comment on R3 review, I can NEVER go back to hiding like a little girl and wait for my health to recover. That doesn't take skill regardless of how people wanna brag they beat COD on veteran. I've liked the Resistance series but never loved it til this game.

JaredH3670d ago

Read the review maybe. There's a sniping level, a half-life 2 level, a train level, a prison level, etc. I'm saying it's familiar in its levels. When every game has the same levels it kind of gets boring after a while and that's what I'm saying. It's also familiar in its online being that it is just a normal perk and killstreak online that's in most games these days. I also guess normal is fairly easy since the non-regenerating health didn't affect me as much as it did in Fall of Man.

SLLCKGT3670d ago

I read the review and I didn't mean my comment to come off negative. I see your point about the levels being the same and I agree, but nowadays what else can you do. People will say the same thing for future FPSs. Only thing that separates these type of games are weapons and story, which this game is unique in both. I really recommend you playing it on Hard, cause even I didn't get stuck in too many places but it makes you work for your checkpoints. Superhuman is another story.