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User Review : Resistance 2

  • Great Multiplayer{Co-op is awesome{New control scheme like COD4
  • bugs in the game{Players dont die fast as COD4(if ur used to it){Graphics are weak

With the new patch addressing many of the issues I had with resistance 2. I've decided to finally...

With the new patch addressing many of the issues I had with resistance 2. I've decided to finally review Resistance 2.

I am a MAJOR fan of Resistance: Fall of Man. The single player was amazing. The multiplayer was as good, but it easily became a grenade fest.

But on to Resistance 2 now. Resistance 2 does NOT have a stronger single player campaign when compared to Resistance: Fall of man. But that has not stopped me from playing the campaign over 5 times. Its rewards and fun each time.
Especially with the Bonus features in the game. The boss battles are intense, but not that challenging (which is fine). Its an FPS, so it doesn't stress you with UBER hard boss battles. The guns are amazing throughout the game, although it does get repetitive sometimes. After my first play through, I found myself holding onto an Augar gun for the rest of the game.

The single player gets a 8/10 from me.

Co-op makes ALOT of the single player up. It out shines ANY game I've played up to date. I've spent well over 3 days of gametime in Co-op. It was time well spent.
Being a 3 class based game makes the co-op more intense then ever. Don't expect to solo the whole stage. Team work counts alot.
With a reward system for leveling up, it definitely makes the game alot more interesting. With each class having its own type of gameplay as you level up.
The recent patch made stalker's movable... which is great.

8-player co-op has never been better!

Co-op gets a 9.8/10. (Some visual glitches detract a .2)


Firstly, the multiplayer has ALOT of bugs.. esp. in Skirmish mode.
But, this is easily the best multiplayer experience availiable on the PS3. With regular updates from IG, the multiplayer will be bug free and be enjoyable for everyone.
Skrimish mode is my favourite, that is being a dynamic objective mode.
You get random objectives, and a rival 'squad' to do the same.
You are divided into squads of 5, which makes the game more intense. Having to co-operate with your team mates is essential. Watch each other's back and they'll end up saving your life later on.

Although I do wish you were able to continue the game with the same people after a match was an option. It seems that they will patch that in later.

Berserks are sort of like COD4's perk system. But you need to build up points to be able to use them. I love the berserk system, it gives you a chance to turn the tide of battle.

60 player battles make you feel like a soldier on a battle feel. Great job IG.

Multiplayer gets 10/10.

PS: The control scheme is a welcome change. Now its alot more COD4 style, which is great!
Also note:
Graphics arent that great. But with the amount of action on screen, you wont have time to notice them :D

Must own or at least rent for every ps3 owner!

COD4 inspired game play cant go wrong. Add 8 player co-op to that formula and you have a winner!
Graphics arent that great. But with the amount of action on screen, you wont have time to notice them :D
The sound effects are amazing. With my surround system, i am able to notice the direction of the gun fire with ease. Although, Nathan Hale could use a touch-up on his dialogue
Fun Factor
Definitely worth 60 bucks. Will give you days of game play time worth. I'd suggest you pick it up asap!
Co-op and multi-player make this game the best online game on the PS3!
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kparks3543d ago

At the beginning you say your a huge fan of the first one witch will make your review seem bias i will vote but i think the 9.2 is to high the game is a 8.5 at best and i would give cod 4 a 8.5 and cod 5 a 7.5 on my scale tho i am pretty strict and i only play shooters lol a 9.2 is almost perfect and there a really so many different ways they could of improved on this game!! P.S
Check out and comment on my COD BLOG!!!!

WildArmed3542d ago

I said that for the very reason, so people can determine if I am biased by thier own accord.

kparks3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

as a good reviewer you need to look through other peoples eyes like if you dont like a game does not mean its bad like i dont like FF games. but there good games make sure you do that.. and good job keep doing reviews!!!this was a great game

KingJM3542d ago

I found competitive online the worst part. It's really good 60 player but you can't kill people without reloading at least once. Also I thought the SP was much better in R2

Kleptic3542d ago

I dislike the competitive mode too, but disliked it in Resistance 1 as well, or at least did after a short period of time...

but that isn't really fair, as I generally don't like slow hip shooters like this...if I want to play a traditional run and gun shooter, i'll stick to something like UT3 (the most recent twitcher that I prefer)...resistance 2 has a halo like competitive mode, at least in damage and pacing...which is something I have never been overly found of...

co-op though is brilliant...and I agree that the single player was fun and enjoyable on its own, but a few steps underneath fall of man...

visually though...that was the biggest let down for me...there is some new stuff in it, but it looks much weaker in some areas...fall of man was consistant in being not bad the whole way was never mind blowing, but always had lots of polish and kept a great art style...and no one would deny that the snow in london was one of the best mixes of art and tech earlier this generation...Resistance 2 is often much better tech wise than fall of man...but at times even worse than fall of man...Utah for example was just downright bad...bad textures, bad lighting...bad color use...plain and was ugly...was expecting it to be more of a step up, but coming from a developer that used to focus only on cartoon like games, I guess its understandable...

WildArmed3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

The multiplayer is awesome.
I still play it on a day to day baisis.
Also, I've ALWAYS managed to get a kill without reloading. Experience helps with that.
Initially it was really difficult for me, but as i played i learnt to aim then shoot ^^

Also, I've said that the kills arent fast as COD4 where 4 bullets do the job.. so i think i got that across rite?

I love playing resitance 2 overall

Also, I was harsh on R2 single player because it didnt really live up to my expectations. But, it still is IMO one of the best campaigns of FPS games out there