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User Review : Resident Evil 5

  • Classic Resident Evil gameplay{Amazing graphics{Tons of replay value

    Is this Resident full of Evil?

    There was quite a bit of negativity surrounding the release of Resident Evil 5. Action fans were complaining about the controls while Resident Evil fans were complaining about the atmosphere. Being a huge Resident Evil fan myself, I started to wonder if the game could meet my lofty expectations. After all, how could this game be any good when no one has anything nice to say about it?

    I can honestly say that Resident Evil 5 was exactly what I wanted/expected. It feels like a more refined version of RE4 with cooperative play. I appreciate the ability to sidestep and I feel right at home using my right analog to aim. I never felt “restricted” by the inability to move while shooting because the gameplay revolves around precision aiming. For instance, I can shoot an enemy in the hand, causing them to drop their weapon, or I can shoot them in the leg while they’re running, causing them to fall. Since Resident Evil is a game about survival, every shot counts, so it wouldn’t make much sense being able to shoot while running.

    I will agree that RE5 doesn’t have the creepy atmosphere of the original Resident Evil, but when I stopped to really think about it; none of the other games did either. Looking back on RE2, RE3, Code Veronica, RE4, etc., I realized that those games were more or less fast-paced action games too. RE5 makes some valiant attempts at scaring you, and most of these ideas sound really good on paper, but you really don’t have time to be scared. Three seconds rarely go by when you’re not pumping something full of lead.

    If RE5 isn’t the best graphics I’ve ever seen, then it’s definitely in the top 3 best games I’ve ever had running on my television. Character models are amazing and the environments are rife with detail. I’ve been through the game several times and I still stop to gawk at the graphics on occasion. Everything runs pretty smooth, even when there are tons of enemies on screen.

    RE5 has some of the best replay value you could ever hope for in a game. It astounds me how other games haven’t adopted the ability to replay through story mode with all the items you had from your previous game. You have tons of weapons that can be upgraded for stronger firepower, faster reload speeds, larger clips, etc. Once fully upgraded, you can even unlock unlimited ammo. There’s also Mercenaries mode, which has you traversing through old levels for as many kills as you can get within a set time limit. It has 8 stages and 8 extra unlockable characters. With 4 difficulty levels, hidden emblems, unlockable costumes, etc., I’d say RE5 is an essential purchase for any action/resident evil fan.

    Love it or hate it. This is definitely a Resident Evil game. Everything is how it should be as far as I'm concerned.
    Easily one of the best looking games I've ever seen. A lot of recycled animations from RE4 though.
    No complaints really. The music in Mercenaries is a real stand out for me.
    Fun Factor
    I can't see myself putting this game down anytime soon.
    Drop in and drop out online coop for the story. Mercenaries has online coop as well.
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