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User Review : Resident Evil 5

  • Good campaign
  • Co-op can be fun
  • Graphics
  • Lost it's horror elements. Not scary at all
  • Controls are last gen
  • PS Move support only with RE5 Gold

Resident Evil 5, 2 years later

Very few games have had more controversy and mixed opinions than Resident Evil 5, and for just/unjust reasons. Resident Evil 5 as you guessed it is the 5th numbered game in the Resident Evil franchise, and with it Capcom decided to test some new things out. Some worked, some fell short, but in the end Resident Evil 5 succeeds in being one of the better games of this console generation.

Resident Evil 5 ran into problems this gen for one major reason, the Resident Evil franchise now has serious competition. Silent Hill has always been around, but after part 2 things went downhill for the Silent Hill franchise, and they've never really been able to recapture that feel again. But along with the new consoles came two new games to thwart Resident Evil's reign. First Dead Space a survival horror/action title, and Left 4 Dead a new extremely entertaining cooperative zombie survival game. The problem that these games bring is that they do things better than Resident Evil does. Dead Space does survival horror better, and Left 4 Dead does co-op action better, leaving Resident Evil 5 on the back burner. But fortunately there are other redeeming qualities that help Resident Evil 5 push from behind and stay competitive.

Graphically Resident Evil 5 stands among the top tier of best looking multiplatform games (so does Dead Space). Resident Evil has a great lighting system, great character models, and great atmosphere. Being in Africa really separates it from the competition, however, I would have liked to see more African cities and wildlife (Zombie Lion FTW).

Resident Evil also has a nice leveling system for their weapons (so does Dead Space) which adds a layer of depth to the game that your typical Zombie shooter doesn't have.

Finally Resident Evil 5's co-op separates it from the competition. Left 4 Dead has 4 player co-op compared to RE5's 2 player co-op however, RE5 is more team based than Left 4 Dead. You really rely on your partner from start to finish, tossing guns, ammo, and health to one another as well as solving puzzles and defeating bosses together. Resident Evil 5 is a true co-op experience from start to finish.

Which brings me to the negatives. Co-op. Yes the very part I enjoyed the most is also one of it's biggest letdowns. Co-op is great, but thanks to co-op the horror element of Resident Evil is GONE. The game isn't scary at all, and the only fright you may get is a zombie sneaking up behind you.

However, the biggest complaint has to be the gameplay. If you've played Resident Evil 4 you'll be right at home in Resident Evil 5, for better or worse. What worked last gen, doesn't quite stand up in this day and age. Not being able to "run and gun" shows how archaic RE5 is compared to other games. The controls are a let down as well. The default choice of controls is probably the worst layout I've every played in a game. If you want to play as close as you can to a standard 3rd person shooter go to "Type D", as soon as the game starts.

Overall Resident Evil 5 is a solid game, it does a lot of things really good, and has a couple of great moments, but overall it just falls short of being what I, and I'm sure most people wanted and expected. But that doesn't mean it's a bad game by any means. The gameplay needs to be modernized, and horror needs to be added back into the formula, but these are things to fix in Resident Evil 6. So judging RE5 on it's on merits nets it in the upper class of good games this gen. The thing is you need to go into RE5 expecting to play a good co-op game, rather than any previous Resident Evil experiences.

Resident Evil 5 is a great looking game, and one of the best looking multiplatform titles this generation. The lighting is great, the character models are great, the environments are great. Everything about this game looks great.
The voice acting is pretty good, and the music is ok, and the weapons sound nice, but there's really nothing special about the audio. One things for sure you'll get sick of hearing Sheva! Over Here! OK. Chris! Chris! You can't be serious.
Resident Evil 5 plays almost exactly like Resident Evil 4, which can be considered both a good and bad thing. Not being able to "run and gun", is upsetting. While co-op destroys any horror element the game franchise had left. It was really hit and miss.
Fun Factor
There is fun to be had if you get past the gameplay hurdles. The story isn't revolutionary, but it's good. The game doesn't offer anything groundbreaking, but it's good. But for me playing it from start to finish with a friend makes the experience great.
Being able to drop out and drop in to random matches makes going through the campaign an enjoyable experience, as you can always have someone come in to help progress through the levels. Mercenaries and Versus are there to give you other options to keep on playing.
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bwazy3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

I was pretty effin stoked for the game. I absolutely LOVED RE4 and played the crap outta RE5 (sorta). The thing about RE5 (and RE4 for that matter) is that they're great games (for the most part), but their technically not great "RE" games... If that makes sense, if not, well its late. Gute Nacht!

Edit 1: Completely agree w/ said review btw, can't believe its been TWO years already... where does the time fly.

ABizzel13073d ago

Thanks, and I know exactly what you're saying. Resident Evil games were known for making fight for your survival, and now RE4 and RE5 are basically the same as the RE movies, but good.

Charazani3073d ago

RE5 failed on so many levels. How can you go from the fucking masterpiece that is RE4 to this crap? Oh that's right. It's Crapcom. Where they think every American gamer likes T&A and buff antagonists. RE5 CAN EAT MY BALLS.

bwazy3073d ago

Why do you think every gamer is American >_>

Fez3073d ago

I got RE5 Gold Edition at about christmas time, and it was my first RE game. I think this gave me an advantage as it had nothing to live up to.

The Move controls were great, I actually tried using a normal controller and found things to be too clunky and too difficult to aim. Motion controls were built for a game like this. I was sceptical about not being able to run and shoot, which is what stopped me getting into RE4, but I gave it another try and it works great for the type of game it is (would be too easy if you could run and shoot and would make it less scary also).

I really enjoyed the game for what it was - an action game. I realise this is what annoyed most fans of the series (no horror) but it is by no means a bad game.

p.s. It's funny how you mention co-op because although it is great fun RE5 has the worst system ever for entering story mode with two players...seriously! There is no two player option and you have to trick the game into letting you play with two players. On two separate occasions it took me about 20mins to start playing co-op, ridiculous!

ABizzel13073d ago

Really I never had any issues. But maybe that's because you got Gold, and I'm sure only the most hardcore Resident Evil fans upgraded to Gold, or maybe everyone was done playing RE5 by then. But every time I tried to enter a match it took no more than 1 or 2 minutes.

Yeah I played with Move, and it is better. There were still some issues, but I think they patched it to work like every other Move Shooter out there now.

Fez3073d ago

Yeh I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much without move.

I meant offline coop lol, I honestly couldn't work out how to play 2 player offline coop without multiple attempts and after looking online. A simple "2-player" option would have sufficed!