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User Review : Resident Evil 5

  • Gorgeous graphics and eye candy{Coop mode{PS3 best version, 360 version suffers from screen tearing issues
  • Last gen controls and gameplay{Incredibly stupid story and bad dialog{Poor character design and lack of character development

Resident Evil 5 review for the PS3 and the 360.

Resident evil 5 is the latest of the resident evil series and the first of the series to appear in the current gen high definition console wars.

Part 5 continues its trademark eye popping visuals and graphics for the series. Unfortunately, thats about all there is to it.

The series may have moved to the current gen but the game itself seems stuck in last gen. Its gameplay, controls, dialog, and story are truly horrible.

Let's begin with the gameplay and controls. They are the same as the previous Resident Evils. And fans will have little trouble picking it up. For those who haven't played Resident Evil series for quite a while, the controls are easy to pick up and master. However, while its true that it remains true to the series's controls, it is also equally true that those controls don't work in the current generation anymore. Not being able to move while shooting in a reflex game, is just silly. And standing still while aiming is equally silly. In this current generation, gamers want freedom. The freedom to move while shooting and avoiding monsters. Resident Evil does not provide freedom and flexible controls.

The gameplay has changed from the previous resident evil games. While the old Resident Evils 1, 2, 3 and veronica and zero are all about survival horror at its finest, Resident Evil 5 continues part 4's scripted action. No longer will you have to bath in suspense and anxiety while trying to figure out if there are enemies up ahead in the room. No, the action is scripted and given. You walk in an area and you trigger a mob of stupid AI's who run screaming at you. So you will always know what to expect. Its a bad joke and a bad taste of "survival horror". This isn't survival horror. This is lame scripted action. And speaking about the AI, they are horrible. The enemies are often stupid and run towards you, only to slow down so you can aim and shoot.

The enemy variations are getting old. The bosses don't look incredibly original or scary and more often than not, you will be fighting the same boss, twice. The only difference is a different color palette. Even Uroboros is a lame joke. You will be fighting the same kind of enemies, braindead half zombies or you will be fighting the same bosses. Resident Evil used to be packed with memorable bosses. Unfortunately, those days seem like a thing of the past.

The dialog and story are jokes. I mean that literally. The story resembles that of a C action movie game. One you would not even watch on a boring night. It's absolutely tasteless and makes no sense at all. You arrive as Chris Redfield, once a STARS member, now a superhero apparently. When I started the game, I thought I was playing Resident Evil. But apparently, Im reading a Marvell comic book. With his bulking muscles and his hourly steroid injections, he manages to schedule some time for an African trip in search of Irving. Now I'm not going to spoil anything about the story but let me provide a quick summary and show you just how stupid the story really is.

So Chris and his team arrives in a village and things soon get ugly. Irving has been traced to this village but apparently Irving and a mysterious woman knows this as well and they set up an ambush. So before you know it, your team gets wiped out, and Irving escapes to the mines. So you follow him to the mines where you learn that he escaped to the Oil refinery. And when you follow him there, he blows the place up. No other reason but just for the fun of it apparently. And btw Irving escapes, yet again.

The next time you meet up with him, he is apparently tired of running away from you and he confronts you in battle. So do you get why he was running away from you before and the point of him blowing up the refinery? 'Cos I sure don't.

And then this mysterious woman, whom Sheva apparently knows, turns out to be someone you know too. And before you know what has happened, she transform into Nina Williams and proceeds to kick your ass. All those steroid muscles now prove to be a burden as you are too slow to even do anything about Nina Williams. She didn't do her trademark "time to die" pose though.

You also meet up with former STARS leader, Wesker, who got killed by the Tyrant in Resident Evil 1. Apparently, he didn't die and apparently during that moment, his soul was transferred back to the real world outside the Matrix where he learned that he is the one. The one and only who can control the Matrix and dodge bullets. So Wesker returns back to the Matrix where he becomes an unstoppable force, having mastered 15 different martial arts styles and can jump 15 feet in the air. Bullets can't touch him!

Hmm bad movie script?

That's just a taste of the stupidity that's going on in Resident Evil 5.
Jeez, what the hell happened to STARS leader, Wesker. He was supposed to be just a regular tough guy?

The story is just stupid and has turned stupider with the time. It seems to me that they are running out of ideas. The side characters are a pain in the ass and do we actually get to know any of the sidekicks. Who the hell is Josh and who the hell is Sheva. Has Chris learned anything useful in his trip or did his latest adventure convince him to pump more iron? Stay tuned for more Chris in resident evil 7.

The amount of unlockables within the game will provide for some nice replay value. And the addition of the coop mode will breathe new life in the game. Don't expect any groundbreaking stuff in the game. The game does not provide any.

The versus mode is another major turn off. You actually have to buy this just to play an additional mode they have already wrote. I kid you not, when the hell did all this BS start anyway. It started when people think paying for online is normal. I'm not going to name names here but we all know who to blame. Seriously that company is making 14 million times 50 bucks a year, thats 700 million gross revenues. You don't think any of the other developers want a PIECE OF THAT MEALTICKET? Well Capcom sure as hell does.

All in all, the game is still pretty fun especially during coop mode. But you can only replay the chapters so often before it becomes boring.

The gameplay is horribly last gen and the story is just bad taste and one you will want to forget about immediately.
Gorgeous eye candy.
Sound is ok. Nothing groundbreaking. The ending song is good for the ears.
Fun Factor
Fun coop mode and plenty of unlockables will keep you fixed behind your PS3 for hours.
The coop mode is a plus but the versus mode is a turn off as it should have been included within the game.
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Snatcher4799d ago

This review is wrong on many ways. Nice job.

Montreafart4799d ago

You seem to miss the fact that my review score is right on par with 90% of all the reviews out there, so I would say, my reviewing was SPOT ON.


TheColbertinator4799d ago

Thank you Nasim for your review

Snatcher4799d ago

''PS3 best version, 360 version suffers from screen tearing issues''.

I thought this was a review of the game, not a comparison or which version is better -.- And between, did he forget that PS3 version has some issues to? Like the framerate drops? This review is full of fail. Thanks Nasim.

Reshun4797d ago

They are well-explained in the library section of the game. Regarding the information involving why Irving took those actions but then again, not everyone would like to read those documents.

onomix4796d ago

hahahahaha. This review = Failure.