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User Review : Resident Evil 5

  • Beautiful Graphics.{Brilliant Co-op.{Clever Enemy AI.
  • Poor Controls.{Annoying Shooting And Reloading.

Everyone Knew Resident Evil 5 Was Going To Be A Good Game. But How Good Is It ??

I never played Resident Evil 4. In fact the last Resident Evil I played right through was Resident Evil 2, and that was back in the Playstation 1 era. I was a massive fan of it. By todays standards its terrible, but no one can deny the atmosphere of Resident Evil 2 was eerie. It set the mood and you felt like you were in a fight for your life. At the time it was a spooky experience. My how games have changed today. Resident Evil 5 is an amazing experience, and brings some of the nostalgia I felt the first I played Resident Evil 2.

The 5th installment of Resident Evil puts you in the shoes of Chris Redfield, and you have been teamed up with a young African woman who knows how to handle herself. This pairing up feels similar to the Prince Of Persia/Elika combination, only if you have a controller handy you can use her too. Set in the shanty towns of Africa you are thrust in to an all out blood bath right from the start. The villagers are vicious and they want your brains, well maybe not but you get the idea. This is Survival Horror, with emphasis put on survival. You can try and be Rambo at times, but be warned it won't work all the time. You will find yourself running for your life. And this is what I really enjoy about Resident Evil 5. So many games encourage you to kill every last enemy, but that isn't so easy. Especially when ammunition is quite scarce. You really have to learn to conserve your ammunition.

One thing that shocked me was just how far the zombies have come since the Playstation 1 era. Gone are these walking targets from Resident Evil 1. These zombies can rush you, use weapons, jump through windows and even ride motorbikes. They have pulled out all stops to try and get you. Stale enemy AI can lead to a stale gaming experience. And Resident Evil 5 isn't a stale game.

The co-op mode works extremely well. I for one don't really like relying on AI to get through if I can help it. And a decent co-op mode can really extend the life time of a game. And this game is no exception. It works flawlessly, allowing you to set up ambushes and to snipe from distances while your pal runs through and clears all the close range enemies out. If you have a spare controller handy I highly recommend getting a friend around to play it. In my opinion it will make it a bit easier and a lot more fun.

Graphics are awesome, some of the best Iv'e seen as of late. Colors are beautiful and the textures are varied. It really is a beautiful game. I did notice some frame rate drops, but in all honesty it wasn't that bad. It didn't slow down to an atrocious 3 frames per second, but it was noticeable. But not noticeable enough to completely ruin the game.

Now there are things in this game I feel really let Resident Evil down. And one of the complaints is the controls. Resident Evil always been synonymous with terrible controls. And Resident Evil 5, while definitely an improvement, is still flawed in this regard. The controls felt like a flawed attempt at Gears Of War. Reloading is an absolute disaster. You cant run and reload, or run and shoot. You come to a complete halt and then start shooting or reloading. I feel an option to run and shoot, and reload, would of made it a lot better.

Another thing that let me down was some of the harder enemies you had to defeat. I haven't played Resident Evil since 2000 and automatically I knew how to do defeat these more difficult enemies. And that is rather disappointing for someone who wants to have the living daylights scared out of them. It is a major anti climax.

My last gripe is the atmosphere of the game. Yes its a new generation and game development has come far, but for the majority of the game I didn't feel like I was playing a Resident Evil game. It didn't feel spooky. I enjoyed the fact that just around the corner zombies would jump out at you. I didn't feel this when I played Resident Evil 5. Anyone who remembers playing Resident Evil 3 for the first time would remember what it was like not knowing when Nemesis was going to rear his ugly head. It kept you on edge. Unfortunately this game didn't do it for me. I would take a darker atmosphere over a more violent atmosphere anytime.

Overall Resident Evil 5 is a good game. Unfortunately some aspects of this game really let me down. Don't get me wrong I liked playing it, and anyone who plays it will like it, but what could of been a master piece ended up being just okay. In all honesty rent this game first to see if you will like it. Then see if it justifies its AU$109.95 dollar price tag.

There Is Better Out There, But Still Pretty Good.
Beautiful. What More Can I Say ?
Top Notch Sound. Capcom Certainly Know How To Present A Game Well.
Fun Factor
Fun, But Could Of Been More Fun.
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Jinxstar4438d ago

Clever Enemy AI eh? how so? just curious because all I have heard is how dumb the AI is... You say they are basically... i don't know other then they improved since RE1. have they changed since RE4 though? Not that I can see. They can't climb a ladder. They rush you yes... until they get about 10 feet from you then they slow to a crawl... They use weapons but... how is that good AI in anyway? They ride a motorcycle but... What does that mean... I mean no offense but from what I have seen in vids and heard from many others the AI is not good. not even bad but p!ss poor...

Not trying to call yo out at all just want your take. Another perspective.

RE 4 is as must buy if you happen to have or get a wii should be your first pick up. imo anyway.

Game on bro

WengYong4438d ago

Thanks for the comment dude, Ill try my best to reply. Resi 5 easier if you have a friend playing with you, but when you play by yourself its a real challenge. The friendly AI is useless, and your at a big disadvantage with the computer playing as Sheva. But then again decent friendly AI is very rare. Zombies do climb ladders dude, which makes them easier targets if you got a sniper. They use weapons and they take cover often. I never played Resi 4 so I cant make and won't make the comparison. Of course the AI isnt as good when compared to Killzone and Gears etc, but take in to account zombies are usually just mindless walking targets. This is a problem when people compare the AI to other games. It wouldn't be Resident Evil if we had Locusts, Helghan or Covenant running around. Given the fact that they have been mutated by a virus that completely transforms them, I say they have pretty good brains considering.

Think Ill grab Resi 4 bro. I heard good things about it.

-GametimeUK-4438d ago

Guess I have to respect opinions no matter how much I disagree with them

"Reloading is an absolute disaster. You cant run and reload, or run and shoot. You come to a complete halt and then start shooting or reloading. I feel an option to run and shoot, and reload, would of made it a lot better."

Would be too easy if you could do that... The games AI works with the fact you cant move and shoot at the same time... I love the fact you stop moving because all your attention is drawn to the aiming... And accurate shooting in this game is so satisfying its unreal! I love the game mechanic...

Good honest review though... But if you think the controls are a pain you wont like Resi4... I love Resi4 though :-P even more so than 5

WengYong4438d ago

I see where your coming from and you make some good points, but Resi 5 doesn't feel like a Survival Horror game. Its treading 3rd person and if thats the case it should borrow more elements from the genre. I could of settled with, and been satisfied with, a running reload and no running and shooting.

You are right about the accurate shooting, and thats why I love the sniper rifle in it !! Cheap yes but I don't care. And it looks like my Winchester Model 70. I snipe and my brother clears out with a shotgun. Its pretty fun.

Controls are the same in Resi 4 ?? Well, I'll give it a go anyway. Ive persevered with games that had much worse control schemes than Resi games. And ended up liking them too. Maybe I will learn to appreciate this game a bit more.

-GametimeUK-4438d ago

I agree it doesnt feel like a "survival horror" as such... Subtle touches make me feel un-eased such as the camera zooming when you aim... The enemies AI make them surround you and since the cam is zoomed in you can hardly see them from left and right and it makes me feel really boxed in... It makes me want to get distance... I love the subtle mechanics like that...

Anyway I enjoyed your review... Nice to see someone elses opinion on the game... Its good to see how split players are about the game mechanics... Although people didnt complain about them with RE4...

WengYong4438d ago

But that doesn't mean its not a good game. I still enjoyed and I have it in my shelf now. I just thought that it would of been better thats all. There is no such thing as the perfect game, even 10/10 games aren't perfect. Its a good game, I just recommend people to try before they buy.

HBK6194428d ago

I got the game for $84 from JB the first week it was out, where the hell do you go if your paying $110?!!

Even after JB had that $84 until the Sunday it only went back to $99.

If you go to EB, take advantage of their price matching, all you should need is a catalogue to prove the price, sometimes not even that. ;)

Oh, not a bad review either.