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User Review : Red Dead Redemption

  • Incredible Story
  • Original Gameplay
  • Perfect Sound
  • Wonky Controls (Sometimes)
  • Too Many Glitches
  • Game Had Loading Problems

A Sandbox Of Epic Proportions

Whenever Rockstar pumps out a sandbox title, it is often a top of the crop sandbox title, and of course that much is true about 2010’s phenomenon “Red Dead Redemption” For the Xbox 360.

The game’s story was incredible. It followed the story of 37 year old John Marston trying to rid his mind of his criminal past by getting a full pardon from the government by hunting down and killing members of the gang he once rolled in. The characters in the story are incredibly developed and fun to see interact with each other, from Wes Dickens, to Irish, to Abraham Reyes all the way to John Marston himself. Character interactions in this game were a delight to watch and the suspense of where to go next in the crazy plot line kept me on the edge of my seat every second of this game.

The game play was fun, but of course had flaws. The game felt original and it was easy to maneuver your horse most of the time. Sometimes, the controls would suddenly, and without warning mess up, pushing your house off the road and messing up the camera quite a bit. The controls seemed easy to use most of the time, but they did require getting used to a fair amount of the time. The gun variety was splendid and the missions were all diverse enough to keep my attention through out the entire 21 hour period that I plugged into this game. Though the game had it’s mild flaws, the game itself was a spectacle worth checking out.

The sound in this game was perfect to keep the western atmosphere it was trying so hard to emulate. The sound effects worked perfectly in the “wild west” environment and the music gave a dry, rattle-snake-like feel to the game. The graphics were pretty good, but the game seemed to glitch a fair amount, and sometimes the game even had a hard time loading the vast environment around it. The character expressions could have been polished way more, but all that being said, the map was so large and every square inch had to be rendered, so I understand that some complications with capacity would occur. Overall though the graphics sufficed and I was still able to see the seams on Marston’s jeans, but faces should have been perfected a bit more.

Overall this game was an incredible experience, but just had some bugs that need to be worked out to fully be worth original retail price, however I got this game for only 39.99 and it was worth every penny of that price. The character interactions were amazing and anybody who hasn’t even at least tested this epic, should go out right now and pick up a copy.

Fun Factor
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WitWolfy3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Fair review, bought this game Saturday and was stunned that I never bought it sooner. ITS SO ADDICTIVE! Im already 9 hours in and it feels like I havent even scratched the surface yet

Xbox360PS3AndPC3630d ago

This Is On My List After La noire

TheLastGuardian3630d ago

Good review. I almost didn't buy RDR because I'm not that into westerns but I'm so glad I did get it. I bought it day 1 for $60 and I think the game is worth more than the $60 asking price for everything RDR had to offer.

I spent a good 60 hours just in Red Dead's single player playing through the story twice and getting 100%. I bought all the DLC day 1 and spent over 200 hours playing multiplayer and co-op. It took me 12 hours to get 100% in Undead Nightmare. Now I have 100% of the trophies in RDR and It's my favorite game of this generation.

DeviateFish3618d ago

Considering other games that are being sold at full price, I'd say this game is worth more than full price.
Good review though.