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User Review : Red Dead Redemption

Is Red Dead Redemption overrated?

I am definitely not one of those people who hates certain things simply because they are loved by the masses. I buy the new iPhone every year, I love Modern Warfare 2 and I'm a huge Yankees fan (suck it). In fact, I look forward to playing highly-anticipated, critically-acclaimed games like Uncharted 2 and Alan Wake.

After reading numerous reviews of Red Dead Redemption, I was pumped to get my hands on it. Even though I've played GTA for hours, I had my doubts about Rockstar's venture into the Old West. Every person who played it said how amazing it was, how in-depth the story was and how impressed they were with the gameplay. I don't even recall reading anyone giving this game lower than a 9/10.

When I moved to my apartment in Philadelphia, I was without internet for a few days which meant no marathon multiplayer sessions of MW2. It was the perfect time for me to go out and purchase RDR, planning on spending many hours playing the game in the days before the first day of my internship. After walking out of one of the most ghetto Wal-Marts on the planet (in Plymouth Meeting, trust me), I ran home and popped the game in my XBox.

The game started out decently with a nice little background story and some easy missions aimed at teaching me to ride a horse, shoot my gun, etc. After a few of these missions, I was ready for the real action to begin. Wait for it... wait for it.. wait for it... Nevermind, it never came.

This game was so boring, I actually had to question whether I was playing it correctly since everyone wrote how awesome it is. Completing missions? Check. Playing the mini games? Check. Following the story? Check. It's definitely the game that sucks, not me.

Riding a horse was cool at first and then it just became tedious. Raiding a house full of criminals with the Sheriff sounds exciting.. it's not. You basically stand in one spot, aim your rifle, shoot, auto switch targets, repeat. The game's controls feel like they were made for the 10-13 year old population. So simple, so boring.

If you ever want to feel like hanging yourself, find your way into the poker mini-game. I've watched entire Yankees-Red Sox games in the time it takes to complete one hand. It is absolutely, mind-numbingly terrible. The other mini-games aren't much better and just feel forced and out of place somehow, even if they actually were popular in the Old West.

Perhaps worst of all is the horrific voice-acting. I read a comment that RDR has created "one of the most memorable characters of all time." Really? A guy that sounds like Bill Paxton after a three-day bender crossed with the inflective capacity of Keanu Reeves? Give me a break. After a few hours of playing, I had to turn the volume down because I couldn't stand this guy's voice anymore. Yeah, we get it, you say "ma'am" a lot. Shut your face.

About 6 hours into the game, I gave up hope that it would turn into the game everyone said it was and sold it on eBay. I never tried the multi-player aspect of RDR so I might be missing out but I doubt it. It does, however, sound like Rockstar is doing a nice job releasing online content and working to update patches which is more than can be said for oh, I don't know, Infinity Ward.

Overall, this game was not worth my time. Maybe I bought into the hype too much and it resulted in an over-intesified feeling of disappointment or maybe this game really is that bad. For now, Im going back to MW2 until the next big thing is released. It has its problems but it's engaging and exciting which is more than can be said about RDR. Call me a fanboy if you want.. I will find you.


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theEx1Le3838d ago

While I would say your review score is quite harsh, I can see your point of how repetitive and eventless the game can seem. Tbh I was the same, it just got so boring that I couldnt bring myself to even play the game anymore, thus i traded it in.


the story and how it works for each and every gamer is of course individual, but then again, the story is long, and it takes alot of hours for it gets heated up, and just when you think its the final showdown its not, and it builds and builds then with the surprise twist at the end id say the story is a classic Rockstar Games story and the character are just the same, classic. but your opinion and thats your right to speak your mind. im just saying if you review a game give it some more time before trashing it though

mzm1193838d ago

I can understand the whole "play the whole game before you review it" train of thought but I also shouldn't have to put more than 10 hours into a game before I even start to like it a little bit. The story should be engaging enough to make me WANT to invest the time.

ARCHA1C3838d ago

Ha! How'd you lose a bubble here!? GODDAMNED TROLLS! FAAAAAAACK

ARCHA1C3838d ago

I would probably give the graphics a better score considering the scale of the game, but you're not far from off the Mark... Pun intended.


At first, I saw your score, and thought "Flame bait", but, it sounds like you genuinely tried to enjoy the game, and were legitimately disappointed.

I think your perspective is from more of an 'Action" gamer's perspective, however, as there are a lot of gamers that live for the slow, evolving game that takes a serious time investment to really appreciate.

RDR is definitely an RPG when it comes to pace and story, while the action is a bit half-baked, I think it's the best Western game ever created.

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