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User Review : Red Dead Redemption

  • Great Online
  • Great Story
  • Controlls Are Good
  • Some Glitches

Game Review: Red Dead Redemption

Basic Info:

Red Dead Redemption is a Open World, Third Person Shooter, Western game created by Rockstar that came out May 18, 2010 for the systems of PS3 and Xbox 360.


John Marston (Main Character) is an ex gang member and now if force to hunt down the man that he once called friends in exchange for his family being heald be the government the story starts in a town called Armadillo and you travel all around the United States and Mexico in the 1900's.


Transport: since is the 1900's all there is to ride are horses which you can hunt down and capture or simply purchase from the store there are 3 Legendary horses that you can capture and trust me they look beautiful.

Outfits: there are a total of 13 outfits in the game and other outfits can be unlock with the purchase of DLC, some of the outfits have special things to them like Army's not being able to kill you, Poker cheating, Collecting 2x the hunting items you collect and many others is really cool to hunt in the game, but i will get to that later.

Weapons: There are many weapons in the game some good and some bad Revolvers, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Rifles, Hunting Knife, Lasso, and Throwing Weapons there are about 4 to 6 different weapons in each category so there will be alot of choosing of what weapons best fit your style.

Hunting:There are a more than 40 animals that you can hunt from a simple rabbit to a dangerous Bear. I love hunting in the game that's how i made most of my money just hunting and selling the skins and other things you pick from some animals.

Activities:A total of 27 activities that you can do in the game some of them might be more important than other, but they still count. Poker, Blackjack, Arm Wrestling, Drinking, Hunting, Saving People, Robbing People, Dueling, Horsebreaking, Nightwatch, Gang Hideouts, are some of the things that i can remember from me doing and they all give or take honor and money so be careful what actions you take.


XP: You have to level up of course what would be the point of Online if there's nothing to fight for. Killing the law, taking out hideouts, killing other players basically anything you do in online will gain you XP the highest level is 50 and reach Legend status.

Free Roam: This is like your lobby for the game from here you can roam around create posses with friends and take out gang hideouts or become most wanted which is really cool and very addictive if you can make a good posse.

Free For All Matches: Choose the option from free roam and jump to battle people in some modes like Shootouts where is Kill or Be Kill. This mode can be very good, but sometimes annoying when people are sniping and not playing a fair game.

Gang Matches: Choose the option from the free roam and get into team matches that are really fun to play, because you have backup with you all times unless your in a room of 3-1 which rarely happens.


There are 4 packs of Downloadable Content for this game, but the most important one is Undead Nightmare which is like a complete game with zombies. It has a different story, new outfits, new horses, new weapons for the price of $10 that is very cheap for all add on content you get. (i have not gotten the chance to play the DLC my self, but i seen the playtrough)


The game looks incredible Rain, Snow, Sunny, Night everything looks awesome the characters dont change much from gameplay to story clips the graphics stay the same and overall looks amazing there is nothing much to say tan the game looks incredible.


The voice acting is really funny many jokes are involved, but when it comes to being serious the game does the job. All of the characters have something different about them and that is what makes them unique unlike other games where some characters sound exactly like others. Music is very smooth and fitting to the game many good soundtracks are in the game that just make you cry and smile at the same time and some just make you feel good about playing the game.

Fun Factor
TheLastGuardian4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

If RDR doesn't deserve a 10 I don't know what game this gen does. The only thing I disagree with about his scoring is sound. I would've given a 9 for sound. I think the music is great and the guns sound awesome.

I don't want to go too much into it because I've written so much about RDR and I've learned that I can't really change anyones opinion on the game. RDR is just so special to me. Everything from the story, the environments, the characters, the voice acting, the music, the competitive and co-op multiplayer, the DLC, everything in this game is top notch imo. I can't believe some people don't like this game. They must be crazy or have bad taste.

It's my favorite game of this generation because I like games that last me a long time and I've played RDR for almost 300 hours. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I can't wait for the next game in the series.

jammydude4787d ago

"If RDR doesn't deserve a 10 I don't know what game this gen does"

Personally, I'd say either Uncharted 2 or MGS4 are the most deserving of a 10/10 this generation. I've not enjoyed any game more than I have those 2 this gen.

TheLastGuardian4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

MGS4 and Uncharted 2 are #2 and #3 on my favorite games of this generation list. Those games were amazing while they lasted but after 3 playthroughs each of Uncharted 2 and MGS4 theres not much else I got out of those games. RDR gave me so much to do.

I spent 50 hours beating the story and getting 100%. Gave it another 20 hour playthrough. Played Co-op tons of co-op missions and zombie co-op. I spent 12 hours getting 100% in Undead Nightmare. The multiplayer was so fun imo and it lasted me for almost 200 hours before I stopped playing it. I like getting my moneys worth out of games so games that last me 300 hours or more are bound to be some of my favorite games of all time. Go ahead and click that disagree button. This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Dac2u4786d ago

No game this gen deserves a 10. I loved RDR, I spent a good 50 hours playing it so far and have enjoyed almost every minute. But, the game had its problems, there were many glitches and bugs throughout the game. Nothing game breaking that I experienced, but enough to knock the game down a few tenths of a point.

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MajestieBeast4788d ago

Great game but definatly not a 10.

Blaine4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

Is the gameplay better than GTAIV? Man that game was horrible to play. The controls were loose, the shooting inaccurate, and the targeting was a nightmare. The cover system was garbage. And don't even get me started in the horrendous hand-to-hand combat...

The driving was pretty good, I'll give it that, but the camera controls while you were driving were annoying as HELL (i.e.: STOP trying to re-center the camera for me when I'm adjusting it to properly see where I'm going up this hill--dumb effing game).

At the end of the day, NO game is worth playing if the gameplay isn't good, and I don't trust Rockstar to make good gameplay anymore after GTAIV.

Tachyon_Nova4788d ago

Its a different studio, Rockstar has more than one team...

Blaine4788d ago

I know R* has more than one team! D'uh. Thought it was the same studio that made both though...

LoneWanderer094788d ago

Is way different from GTA4 it may have the same concept of Open World, but is different in many ways

mcmmaster4788d ago (Edited 4788d ago )

Your scoring makes no sense
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
Gameplay 9/10
Fun factor 10/10
Online 8/10
And you give it an overall of 10.............. correct me if i'm wrong but to get an overall of 10 shouldn't all of those scorings for graphics,sound,gameplay,fun factor & online get 10/10
Bit of a stupid scoring system you got there
Also your punctuations slightly 'dumb' in that review

Blaine4788d ago

His scoreboard clearly says it's not an average.

Besides: depending on the game, and the player's own preferences, some categories have no impact whatsoever on their overall appreciation of a game, hence why the final score shouldn't take them into account. You think people play Minecraft for the graphics??! Hell no! Then a review shouldn't factor the graphics into his final verdict. Same goes for other ratings that make up the final score.

LoneWanderer094787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

This is not a Book Report for you to be talking about Punctuation hahahaha and this is not an Overall score i gave a rating on how "I" felt about the game on each category

Smokeeye1234787d ago

Amazing game, but the glitches and annyoing pop in takes at least half a point off...If it didnt have that, I might give it a perfect 10.

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Red Dead Redemption remake rumours have fans losing their minds

Whispers of a potential remake or remaster of Rockstar's classic cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption have intensified.

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RaidenBlack218d ago

PC gamers never got RDR1 ... of course gamers are ecstatic.
hell, bring other old titles to PC too, like Killzone 2,3 & shadowfall, infamous 2nd son, MGS4, Uncharted trilogy, TLOU 2, Halo 5, Fable 2, Bad Company 1, Bloodborne, Demon souls, Army of Two, etc ...

Profchaos217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

PlayStation games probably also no longer have a convenient way to play either with the game on a console Sony isn't willing to emulate it's a bit of a forgotten game like GTA IV

ActualWhiteMan216d ago

3rd partyPS4 emulation will likely be our only hope

Abracadabra217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Only be exited if it's a Remake.
If not, then it's likely another crap remaster like the GTA3 remaster.

bababooiy216d ago

Supposedly the studio behind GTA remasters is no longer working with Rockstar, like they arent involved with them at all anymore so im curious whos working on this remake if its true.

Yui_Suzumiya216d ago

Hell yes.. I recently went from gaming on Switch OLED to doing all my gaming on my laptop and I definitely wouldn't mind blasting through Killzone on it. Also want Gears 2 and 3 on it as well. All available on Steam would be a mighty blessing as well.

Profchaos217d ago

The earliest rumours due this remaster must go back like 10 years basically when the PS4 came out this however is the first time I've felt confident saying it's happening