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User Review : Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

  • Graphics/Sound are some of the best on a console, but not a gigantic leap{Varity (what causes the game to stand out){Atmosphere
  • Length{Platforming needs to be improved{Weapon Balance (to some extent) read review

A Relaxing Game That Only Comes Once in a While

A relaxing game that only comes once in a while is how I would describe Rachet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction.
Overall I think that this game does something different in a world littered with World War II and Futuristic shooters. It creates a world where a player can expand his arsenal, but doesn't have to feel forced to. The game creates exhilarating action, but allows the player to feel calm at certain points. For example when you throw the Grooveitron the enemies will begin to dance. This shows innovation and it shows that not every game has to be difficult to be fun. It creates humor and excels at creating an atmosphere which will ultimately lead the player to experiment. This being said no one feels the pressure of the oncoming enemies and can try new things without deeply regretting them.
As for the graphics they too fit the atmosphere. This is something that most developers will neglect. They will simply attempt to make the best graphics with no screen tearing, no framerate drops etc. However, they fail to understand why we need graphics in the first place and that is so that the player can understand the game and so that the storyline and gameplay develop along with the graphics. With that being said yes the graphics look very good running at 720p at 60 frames per second.
The game is presented well and appeals to the audience which it targets.
What really causes Rachet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction to stand out is the weapon variety. Upgrading certain guns lead you to discover many new things from a flamethrower to a tornado that shoots lightning to your standard (if it can be called standard) pistol the Magma Combustor a weapon which shoots three bullets and creates lava on the floor. It will lead to think how did these guys think of this in only one year?
A few things that I would criticize are the length and the fact that platforming is simply there to fill up gameplay hours however, those are only minor things so I would recommend ignoring them if you really think that the game should be longer then upgrade the weapons and collect leviathan souls. You might say it is too easy, but one mans trash is another mans treasure. What I am trying to say is the purpose of this game is to have fun and experiment so claiming that you dislike it because it is too easy could be a good point, but to another person it is what makes it an exceptional game. All in all the difficulty is easy, but it makes up for it with other aspects of gameplay which lead the player to go above and beyond what they are accustomed to and learn several new things which they would not experience in other games. One thing that I believe they should correct is the fact that there grenades are not too useful therefore, decreasing the weapon balance.
In conclusion I like this game for what it is, but I would expect many people to disagree with me on the several aspects of the game. To sum it up graphics, sound and gameplay are greatly improved and are all interconnected in an excellent fashion. So I would recommend this game to anyone who will enjoy games regardless of difficulty.

An interesting and varied experience which will cause you to really enter the game, but it ends too quickly which will cause you to miss the game.
Superb graphics which go quite nicely with the game. Some of the most vibrant and contrasted colors are found in R&C F:tod all running at 720p at 60 fps.
What can I say they contribute to the atmosphere, making it more humorous, but aren't perfect. Then again I don't always play the game at a high volume and I'm not really into sound, but the game holds its own.
Fun Factor
This is where the game excels and this could be the sole reason to buy this game.
HarryEtTubMan5694d ago

lol why is the sound so low? The sound is great. Great music, effects. vOICE ACTING. Just felt like too many good scores huh? lol

Ratchet and Clank is a very good game and the closest thing to A CGi out on console. Uncharted has that look also though.


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Retroman1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

No Quest for booty/ into the Nexus??

Oops from the video both is emulated.


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