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User Review : Quest of Persia: Lotfali Khan Zand

  • Graphic{Various Swords, and combo moves
  • Voice Acting{Sound

Sims47 wrote the first review of "QoP: Lotfali Khan Zand"


The game has a short story based on history which is interesting, but could have been much better if the developers would have spent more time on it.


The gameplay is pretty good an Iranian game, and it gives you, its own joy and attractions. When the enemies surround you from everywhere, you realize that this game has a good AI in comparison with other Iranian game titles. You need to use different swords and combos in order to win over various enemies. Moreover the enemies attack you with rifles and knives, which is very interesting. Also you can perform different moves with different swords which I totally praise this for an Iranian game.

Overall though, you see some problems in the gameplay. The game is a third person action, and the most of the four hours of the gameplay focuses on sword fighting actions. You can use the sword of the soldiers that you kill, and you can use combo to throw the soldiers on the ground, which is very useful when number of enemies are acting you. Player can sword fight, defend, not jump, dodge, and perform couple of moves in the special parts of the game. Mostly the enemies attack you in the groups of 3 to 5, and mostly their moves are similar, like we are facing a group who are trying to do the same thing. Even sometimes two that close to each other perform a same task during fighting. The immediate spawning of the soldiers in parts of the game is another problem. The other problem is the lack of having blood in the game, also when you defend the player won't get hurt no matter from which side the enemies attack you. Howevere, Mechanical puzzles and other gameplays have made overall gameplay more interesting.

The In-game interface is very simple. It was expected to have something more complicated designed for the in-game interface.


You are not facing lots of environments in this game. Mostly it happens in Zarghan fortress which has a complete Persian theme. The torches that you see in the levels cast a beautiful shadows. Also interesting objects like Persian carpets and pottery all over city of Kerman has created an interesting atmosphere. The game has total of 22 levels, which starts after a fast loading. You need to fight enemy bosses in couple of levels which gives a geart flavor in the game.


In terms of graphics the game is close to the level of world class games two, three years ago.It has been worked pretty good in this area and we have to accept that for the first time in Iran we are looking at a game with such a graphic quality. This is very good but it has caused some problems in the game. Throughout the game you see dynamic environments, fairly rich textures, and good animations. The Lighting is good, but the shadows in daylight are not great in parts of the game. Phsyics are good during the destruction sequences but it needed more work on objects. Some of the objects are too light in the game, and it seems like they haven't been assigned to a proper physical model. Overall the graphics of the game although have problems, but it's considered the best part of the game.


The game has good sound in comparison with other Iranian game. You see lots of sound effects throughout the game, but the voice acting could be better. The soundtrack is good and changes according to the game situation which gives a good feeling. The game needed more work on ambiance sounds, it has been done nicely in very small portion of the game, but it had to be more. Overall the sound is the weakest part of the game.

Although you see problems in the gameplay, but overall it's accepable and it has the best gameplay among all the Iranian game have been ever made
The Game's graphic is pretty good for Iranian gam. Other than small frame rate and lighting prblems we can give it a high score.
Overall the Voice Acting is not great, but the music is good, and overall it's acceptable.
Fun Factor
Lotfali Khan Zand is fun game to play, and is a good pick for an Iranian game.
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