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User Review : Prototype 2

  • Improved combat system
  • Detailed environment
  • Unique AI
  • Poor character development

A sequel that improves on all its predecessors flaws

I was one of the few people I knew to pre-order the first Prototype, I was impressed by what I saw in the Xplay reveal back in January of 2009. The game showed promise and the story was complex at the same time interesting. While the first had it's technical flaws it delivered heavily on destruction and feeling like a complete over powered badass, while at the same time remaining challenging, throwing in continuous waves of military and creatures alike to stop you.

It's been about three years since I played the first Prototype. As an avid fan of both the game's delivery on fun and Alex Mercer as a character I was excited to find out that I would actually be fighting the very character I leveled up and made into a biological god in the previous game. While I do admit when I first saw the titles reveal at VGA 2010, I was a bit worried. It felt rather early revealing a sequel only a year after the game came out. Despite this I kept a follow up on any news relating to it and over time I was impressed. Radical was going all out for a sequel, I was couldn't wait to play the game in all it's awesome glory.

A rather large complaint I recall from the first was that the city didn't have any real sign of individuality, everything was the same, buildings lacked any real unique design, the AI felt lifeless. Radical Entertainment seems to have paid great attention to this particular piece of criticism and assigned a separate team to design the environments as well as the livelihood of the average NPC. Upon entering each zone I was welcome to a city oozing with life from all three of the title's zones. The Yellow zone which happens to be the first you encounter is a shelter for people who are sick, and or dying. Digging through trash cans for food, begging on the streets, having conversations with one another, being treated by the local scientists in the area, individuals living on roof tops, some even over looking the city, talking on their cell phones, some even falling from the top committing suicide, the list goes on. Never have I played an open world game with such diverse AI, especially in one where the main focus is destruction, an AAA quality effort to make the player feel immersed in the world they control.

In addition to the immersion is the dynamic environments, Yellow Zone shows signs of shanty towns, abandon stores, fortified makeshift military stations such as a stadium, protocol scanning areas, passing vehicle inspections by soldiers. The Green Zone is a military haven, the resident forces hold a strict law over it's citizens, casually fighting against in protest with the visiting troops stationed in their city, picket signs and angry bouts of slurs are heard well above a building over looking a military base. The Red Zone is an absolute hell and is regarded as the main area of New York where the first Prototype took place. Buildings collapsed into another, spore like organisms webbing them self in and out of structures still standing, large battles between the infected and military.

In Prototype 2 you play as James Heller, a solider who loses his family to a second infected attack, caused by the first protagonist, Alex Mercer. While fans of the first may dislike not playing as Mercer this time around, it's sad to say that despite Radical's desire to make the player hate Alex and turn him into their vision of a villain. James Heller simply doesn't develop well as a character. He's as generic as they come, every two or so sentences a slur somehow interjects with just about any statement or rebuttal. It's hard to feel emotional for a man when there's hardly any farther development besides a father who swears too often and never really gets his voice or opinion out there long enough for any real personality to develop.

One of the games many unique features is the inclusion of RADNET, a feature which allows for timely events between a three day period where players can complete challenges and events to win rewards, and ultimately for the original fans an Alex Mercer playable skin. The rewards also span from avatar clothes/props, dynamic themes, videos, extra points to upgrading Heller. It's a nice addition that keeps players playing to get those nice extra incentives, a welcoming replay value.

As a fan of the first I just had to splurge on the Collectors Edition. I'm proud to say that Radical Entertainment has improved on just about all of the original Prototype's flaws. With a development period of three years, it's quite easy to tell they poured their heart and soul into delivering a unique experience apart from any other open world title. I congratulate Radical on giving the Prototype franchise it's own ground to finally stand on.

To be noted.

*Beaten twice "Normal/Hard"
* 1000G'd

The first Prototype wasn't much of a graphical powerhouse. However thanks to Radicals improved rendering with the Titanium 2.0 engine the visuals are far better this time around, even given how much goes on screen.
Prototype 2 features an amazing soundtrack, as well as impressive moments of destruction heard from far away and even up close.
The improved features of destruction as well as the options given to the player makes it one of the most immersive and destruction filled titles I've ever had the pleasure of playing.
Fun Factor
Fun is the core element of Prototype, it's to make the player feel absolutely powerful to anyone and anything, you'll be collecting your powers and using them in vicious addicting combos, you'll lose your self in how much fun you're having.
RADNET while not a traditional multiplayer element it does allow for players to compete with one another through preset challenges, both old and new. Simply bragging rights.
WildArmed4459d ago

Achievement whore ;)

I'm looking forward to the visual changes. The game was quite bland, and it's good to know the environment is more lively this time around.

Cajun Chicken4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

Totally loved this game. Managed to improve upon everything I loved in the first one and some.

Best addition; sticky tendrils and viral bombs.

Valenka4457d ago

Good review, but you don't need to brag about how many times you've beaten the game or how many achievements you got from the game. However, I'm glad to hear the game is worth getting.

coolbeans4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

You should see him in the n4g forums. He's constantly bragging about his cheevos/trophies and raging at those who slander CoD. ...../s :P

I think he really mentioned his 1000/1000 to point out that his opinion is essentially final since he searched every nook and cranny for that 100%. There's also been reports of some critics not even finishing the game before they post their review (these reports heightened by ME3's ending).

Valenka4457d ago

Good point, coolbeans. Well, thanks for people like Eiffel who take the time to complete a game entirely before clucking about it. :P


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You could go for the insane graphics mods on PC.

Lighter93402d ago

Having a good PC and modding aren't options for everyone. I'm so sick of people saying "PC" and "Modding."

GenuineGamer3402d ago

@lighter9 Exactly!

It takes a significant investment to get a gaming rig capable of all the great things PC gamers brag about.

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fattyuk3402d ago

Skyrim oO

Think someone needs to invest in pc gaming!

raWfodog3402d ago

Maybe developer resources for Remasters should only go towards games that were part of the PS2/XB generation or earlier.

That being said, I did appreciate TLOU:Remastered though, so thank you :)

crazychris41243402d ago

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