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User Review : Prominence Poker

  • Fun Gameplay
  • No gamebreaking glitches
  • Great with friends
  • Repetitive if alone

The Art of the Deal

Prominence Poker is a free poker game on the xbox store. Its hard to describe the experience of Prominence Poker in words. After over a day of playing time, here is my review.

Prominence Poker is a fun, free-to-play game consisting of playing poker. When you start you get a base character you can customize with a good amount of detail, like face shape, eyes, noses, etc.... Once your character is made you get a tutorial explaining the basics. Once your done, you can go to multiplayer or the single player, there are 4 solo games and another slot labeled "coming soon." The multiplayer is where Prominence shines. There is casual which is a 6 player ring game, tournament, or 2-player head to head. There are also ranked games, tournament or head to head. There is an entire system for ranked based on performance in these games. Sadly, unlike casual games, you cannot play ranked games with friends, it relies on the matchmaking system.

Plus the base game of poker, there are daily and weekly bounties, and challenges for extra XP and chips, the game's currency. Chips can be won in game and also bought through micro-transactions but it is never a pay-to-win experience. These challenges mentioned before also give you nicknames to show your power to others in multiplayer. There is an affiliation option which lets you pick a group to join, the clubs, the hearts, and the spades. When you have your persona set up, you can move over to the shop and stash tab. Where you can pick clothing, accessories, headwear, and tattoos. This section gives you incentive to play more to gain chips so you can buy that new newsboy cap you want. There is also a table items system to note, these items give you an XP boost to use in game. So if you want to bring a gun or say a hand grenade to boost your confidence at the table, go ahead.

I have had an excellent time playing with friends, seeing them trying to bluff or kill your bankroll. Prominence is a fun game to be played solo or with friends, take it seriously, or go all in on the first hand. It's up to you. Use strategy if you want, see how some people will bluff, some will only play when provoked by a seemingly good hand. Its strategy mixed with luck, against others strategy and luck. For a free game it is worth twice the price tag!

Fun, goofy sounds making the poker experience fun, but keeping it tense.
Simple, yet perfect for a game about playing poker
Fun Factor
Great with friends, good alone.
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coolbeans939d ago

I think one of Prominence's best assets is how natural this free-to-play system feels. You intuitively understand the concept of putting down real money (or time + effort) to acquire chips in a tournament, the buy-in rate + entry fee, and getting clothes. It's a lot more easygoing than the BS you'd see in something Dungeon Keeper Mobile or the Battle Island series.

Even though the review was basic, I appreciate you contributing here. Hope to see more stuff from you in the future. :)

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