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User Review : Prince Of Persia

  • Beautiful World{Intuitive Controls{Great Dialogue
  • Too easy, since you can't die{Hard to tell where you are supposed to go at times{Battles get slightly repetitive

If you were a fan of the Trilogy-

Then you will most likely enjoy this new installment.

This new title follows a completely different Prince than the one from the previous trilogy.

The story starts off following the Prince as he get's lost in a sandstorm looking for his donkey which was loaded down with gold. Upon his travels he find's Elika. A princess who is on the run from her father.

Overall the game plays exactly like you would expect of a Prince of Persia title. You run, you climb, you fall and die. It's expected, that's the type of game that this is. I feel a bit like Ubisoft copped out with the dying dynamic because in the Trilogy done by them, you could only save yourself so many times, and even then only when you did it soon enough. In this title you can't die, ever. Elika always saves you. On the 360 there's an achievement to try and get you to not die (where you're saved less than 100 times by Elika). But there have been a few parts where I've gotten lost and she's had to save me multiple times before I figured it out. This is just my opinion, I'm sure the general populace will be fine with this.

The art style of this new title has also changed a bit. And for the better I believe. In this time where developer's are pushing the boundaries of gaming and making it harder to tell what's real and what's C.G. Prince of Persia changes it up and throws in cel-shading. Now this isn't your typical Legend of Zelda cel-shading. This is a more mature cel-shading on par with that of Mirror's Edge where the graphics aren't quite cartoony, but look more drawn than realistic. This, I think, is the future of games. The games don't look too realistic, while at the same time showing off a beautiful art style, giving the developer's more lee-way to experiment. The world of Prince of Persia is an amazing display that show's off the prowess that Ubisoft has obtained in recent years. And now in this new environment Ubisoft has made it feel more like you're in an open world rather than running down a corridor.

The controls are as intuitive as ever in this game, and with Elika alongside you, you can do everything that's expected of the prince (and there's a helpful "where do i go?" feature so you don't get lost in the new environment.) Throughout the game you still have your standard bag of tricks of jumping onto decrepit pillars, across chasms, and running along walls. The trap dynamic has been removed, so no more table saws of doom for any of you fans. There are several additions though that keep in the same vein and make you feel even cooler to be playing the prince than ever before, albeit a bit more unrealistic too.

The fights in this game are well done too. There are four different bosses, each of which you fight several different times. The fighting dynamic in this game was changed as well. Instead of fighting several enemies at once, you now fight only one enemy at a time. It sounds like it'd be a disappointment comparatively, however it works quite well.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, and it's a great addition to the Prince of Persia series.

Game plays well and with it's well organized controller scheme and Elika often feels like an extension of the Prince. However never being able to die, and occasionally not being able to tell where to go (or how to get there)is an issue.
A grand world well done with cel-shading.
Music adds to the ambience of the world without standing out in any particular way.
Fun Factor
This game is as enjoyable as the previous Prince Trilogy and the feeling of freedom of movement is a thrilling ability. That mixed with the challenging achievements makes this game not only fun, but re-playable too.
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sit down droid3676d ago

as you can see the xbox 360 version heavily outways the ps3 version in advantages. in this case xbox version is 60fps. ps3 version 30fps
360 version 720p, ps3 version 560p

face it all you droids 360 is by far the superior version

Danes4883675d ago

Okay. I don't see where or how that was necessary lol. I own both the PS3 and the 360. And both are good consoles in their own respects. The review was just on the game, not about the console it was on. :)