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  • Originality{Portals{Dialogue
  • Short

An original game in an age of rehashes and

I had been holding off on Portal for a good while. I had heard all the praise and watched all the videos, but I kept hearing how short the game was and that turned me off. However, I fell upon a flash based version of Portal and after playing for about ten minutes, I knew that I had to have this game.

I ran straight to Circuit City the next day and picked up Portal for ten dollars. Upon starting up the game, I immediately felt at home in the game. The controls were smooth and there was just enough explanation to get you started. You had to feel out how to play the game yourself. There were no time limits or enemies rushing at you. Just you, your gun, and a puzzle.

Needless to say, I caught on fast and loved how each new level forced me to use new tactics in order to complete it. I have never had so much fun forming a plan on how to go about my attack and implementing that plan perfectly. Each solved puzzle granted such a sweet feel of satisfaction. In addition, the machine that is your host throughout the game is hilarious. She (GLADOS) provides some of the most enjoyable commentary I have ever experienced in a game. She definitely adds another layer to the experience.

I was hooked and completed the game in one sitting. I would say it took about four hours, but it was an amazing four hours and completely worth every penny. Yes, it is probably worth twenty bucks, but it has been on sale at Circuit City off and on since its release. Therefore, I would recommend waiting for the sale at Circuit City since it happens so often (I feel much better paying ten dollars for this game than twenty due to the length).


This game is all about the game play. Wonderful puzzles and great physics. I do have to dock it here a little for length though.
Well, for me the graphics were OK. This was probably my computers fault.
Wonderful music and sound.
Fun Factor
SO MUCH FUN. I play the levels over and over.
y0haN5484d ago

Don't downgrade a game's score because your computer isn't up to scratch, the graphics and sound are top notch.

Imallvol75484d ago

I put a lot less emphasis on it. However, I mean how do I fairly report graphics score when it comes to computer games. I have no way to see how great it can look. Therefore, I rated what I saw but put hardly any emphasis on it in the total score.