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User Review : Portal 2

  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Great Storyline
  • Cross Platform Play and Custom Levels

    Portal 2.. My View.

    Gaming has come a long way since the times of Counter-Strike, and Portal 2 just adds to that table of massive creations and masterpieces.

    The Predecessor of the original mind boggling FPS puzzle, Portal, this game has a lot to improve upon, and boy has Valve struck gold with it! Some games have innovation, some games have amazing Graphics, this game combines the both and puts them into a puzzle with friends or without.

    The story alone is set in the aftermath of Portal, after you destroy G.L.A.D.O.S, the psychopathic robot bent on Destroying you after a series of tests, the game it's self has the feel of destruction in the Aperture Science Laboratory's, undergrowth of grass and plants around you, debris everywhere as if an atomic missile has struck, you feel as if you in a world of complete chaos, but there's one thing that calms that chaos, Wheatley, your emotional robotic pal that guides you through some areas of the game and accompanies you through most of it.

    The game play feels just right, smooth controls and easy to understand tutorials for new-comers of the game, what this game brings is something that most of us have never seen in a Console game before, Cross Platform Play and Chat, with the addition of steam overlay, if you've ever used steam before you'll feel right at home with it, as the menu is set out almost perfectly, Co-Op wise the game doesn't disappoint, you have more then 6-7 hours of Co-Op fun with your pal's and they can be from either the PC gaming community, or the PSN community, with custom levels from the PC gamers, it just adds to the re playability of the game.

    When some games are bought, you want to be able to play it for the long run, Portal 2 for the PS3 and PC is one of those games, as much as the Single Player and Co-Op campaign are fun, you want to be able to go back but do something new, sometimes you can on the base Portal 2 levels, but the Custom Levels just add to that as users can make levels and then you can download them and play.

    Simply to sum up this game, it's a masterpiece of gaming, I could say art but the graphics aren't that great, the game is there as something for people who want to get their brain running and jumping all over the place.


    Graphics are a main factor in many games these days, while the game doesn't have the best, it doesn't look like Black Ops on PS3, so I'm sure this score is suitable :) Looks better then Portal, Not as good as Uncharted 2, On par with Team Fortress 2
    The Voice acting of each character is superb, and the sounds are much more improved over the first game.
    Smooth gameplay, T'is just perfect overall.
    Fun Factor
    You want fun? You got it! This game has everything for everyone!
    You know that online is going to be amazing when this much thought is put into a game, and it sure as hell doesn't disappoint, your going to love it! PERIOD!
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    Emilio_Estevez3645d ago

    I have not played it, but I would have thought the graphics score would be a bit higher. Could you do an over under? Like looks better than ____, but not better than____. Just curious really.

    zeksta3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

    Sure, I'll just have to edit it quickly.

    Haha, my bad, I didn't see the Portal 2 edit typo then :P

    Emilio_Estevez3645d ago

    Thanks, I would have accepted it in the comments, but that works....Also, you put portal 2 instead of regular portal when editing. Good review.

    ps3bestever3645d ago

    this game is so overrated!

    Waddy1013644d ago

    It's not Over-rated, it's a brilliantly crafted Masterpiece and a worthy successor to the original Portal.

    zeksta3644d ago

    Couldn't have said it better myself, apart from my review ;)

    Fidrudmakeral3636d ago

    This game is truly amazing! I enjoyed the single player and when PSN is back I'll get ton the co-op! Can't wait!