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User Review : Pokémon Rumble Rush

  • It was a decent time waster...
  • ...until I unlocked autoplay, which can not be disabled.
  • Only exists to milk money.

Insult to video games, gamers, and Pokémon itself.

Pokémon Rumble Rush is the newest Pokemon game on mobile. The player collects and controls many Pokemon and battles their way through levels, each ending in a boss fight. People who have previously played these Rumble games will see something familiar, for many others, this is their first Rumble game.

And what a godawful Rumble game it is.

Let's immediately get this out of the way. This isn't a video game. There is no gameplay. The Pokemon you control moves automatically through the stage. You can still tap and swipe the screen to attack and dodge. However, after around 30 minutes of playing, "Congratulations! You have unlocked autoplay!" hits the screen. After this, the Pokemon not only moves without player input, but also attacks. And the worst part? You can't disable this.

In this "game" you have a map where you tap to search for new Pokemon using guide feathers which you get by defeating bosses. Each tap unlocks a level, where you're met with hostile Pokemon that attack you, and at the end of the level you go against a giant version of a Pokemon. Each level takes less than 1 minute to complete. As I said previously, there is no need for you to swipe or tap the screen after the first 30 minutes. It's all automated after that. Defeating bosses usually gives you a feather and an ore. These ores can be used to make gears, which make your Pokemon stronger. Some bosses have requirements before you can face them such as "Have a Pokemon with CP over 300", or "Catch 5 Pokemon in this area".

The game looks and sounds like a Rumble game. But it doesn't play like one. On top of the game playing itself, each Pokemon only has 1 attack, which wasn't the case in the previous Rumble games. Oh and there are of course microtransactions.

It's no use saying anything more. This "game" is utter garbage. How on earth did Nintendo approve this? Don't waste your time on this.

It sure does looks like a Rumble game.
There's sound. That's good.
This isn't a game. The Pokemon moves automatically, and after around 30 minutes of "playing" you unlock autoplay, which makes it so the Pokemon also attacks automatically. And you can't disable this. It's no longer a game after that.
Fun Factor
If you really like Pokemon, maybe you can fool yourself into thinking that this is more than trash.
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panic18d ago

I am enjoying the game. It's tickling my tendencies toward collection. I have been enjoying running through the levels to catch the Pokemon. I went into this game assuming it would be terrible, and it's not great, but it's a solid 3 at least.