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User Review : Playstation Move

  • very accurate
  • feels well designed
  • controls well
  • slightly uncomfortable button placement
  • some issues with PlayStation Eye reading move controller at varying heights
  • a little over priced

Move impresses as a new step in motion controlled gaming.

When the Wii was released in November 2006, its motion controller took the gaming industry by storm. Its unique technology inspired gamers to play differently and brought non gamers into the fold. Needless to say, the gaming industry has changed since the Nintendo Wii’s release. Sony announced its entrance into the motion control business with the Playstation Move. The release is here and I’ve got to get my Move on.

Right out of the packaging you can tell that this controller is high quality; it is lightweight and forms to the hand like a glove. The front portion of the controller has the classic Playstation symbol buttons in a rectangular formation with a thumb tip sized button called the “Move Button” in the middle. Underneath the symbol and Move buttons is the PS or Home button. Possibly the most used button is the trigger that is on the back of the controller much like its Wii remote counterpart. The Move’s trigger and surrounding area is the perfect nook for your index finger and its movement is smooth as silk. The main difference between the Move and Wii controller would be the Move’s sphere at the top of the controller. Originally, I thought that it would be like a ping pong ball or some kind of plastic material but it is actually rubber. The sphere glows a particular color selected by the PS3 depending on the background seen by the Playstation Eye. The Playstation Eye is necessary for the Move to work. The Eye tracks the Move’s lit sphere and it’s every motion providing revolutionary motion controls. From the moment you pick it up, it feels like a breath of fresh air with its modern look and sophisticated feel.

The most important part to the Move’s success is how it controls. I won’t go into detail about a game in particular since this is a Move specific review but I did try out the Move controller with the game, Sports Champions. The motion control is precise, matching my movement exactly 1:1. (Can you say Star Wars Light Saber game???) This isn’t just a copycat motion controlled dongle; it’s a sophisticated piece of hardware. If you’re playing table tennis for example, the racquet can be positioned in anyway. If you spin the Move, the racquet on screen will do exactly the same. One key difference of between Move and the Wii is that the Move registers more than Up, Down, Left, Right type motions. The Move is unique in its ability to judge distance. This provides unprecedented accuracy, adding extra depth to the game. Pretty much, if you can do it in real table tennis, you can do it with the Move.

Despite the Playstation Move’s positives, it does have its faults. The symbol buttons are a little small, slightly uncomfortable to reach, and unfamiliar compared to their formation on a standard Playstation controller. In addition the Move and Eye combo may not be the best motion control choice for the couch sitter. The eye sometimes loses the sphere if you’re sitting. Try to adjust your cameras location as best as you can. Playing while sitting is possible though. Lastly, the price of the move controller is slightly high. I think a prime price for the Move controller would be $39.99 instead of the current $49.99.

All in all, the Playstation move is an impressive piece of hardware. With the Move’s design and the technology, it has the potential to revolutionize gaming. What does the future hold for Move? The deciding factor will be the publishers and developers. They have an excellent vehicle but will they put the time and money into pushing motion controlled gaming forward or will the Move just be fodder for poorly made shovel ware like its Nintendo counterpart.

Final Score: 9.3/10 -- Written by LBD for

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Terarmzar3884d ago

first? what are you eight?
but i agree with most of the review

milonatron3883d ago

it is a great idea for a game but it has no good games out that ive been told the only good one is the resident evil 5 for the Play sation move. The sport game is ok not the best but it is a rearl development and needs to be inproved.