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User Review : PaRappa the Rapper

  • Great, really!
  • Still looks great.
  • Pretty cool multiplayer
  • It's really short.

U reviewing cool !

This game is unflinching in it's depiction of life in the ghetto and the cruelty of the music industry, if you thought Will Smith was offensive then you ain't seen nothin' yet....

The game follows a rapping dog (or dawg, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) named Parappa on his quest to deflower a flower named Sunny Funny, the only problem is Parappa is too shy to tell Sunny how he really feels so he does what every person does when they're in love, he DROPS SOME MASSIVE BEATS!!!!

The game plays like an old school guitar hero, you've got to press certain buttons in time with the music to make Parappa spew profanities, you can even throw in a few extra button presses at your own leisure to spice up the rhymes. The game also rates you on how you are doing, for example, if you're not hitting the buttons on time the game will rate you 'Lil Wayne.'

The tracks in this motherf*********er are hotter than Meryl Streep on a monday, there are six to choose from and each has a unique style of music for Parappa to get to grips with, the only problem is that the songs last on average about two minutes each which means the whole game can be completed in around fifteen minutes, sure there is some replay value in trying to beat the high scores but it's still worth noting that this is an insanely short game.

Sometimes you can be playing the game when suddenly Parappa's ego goes through the roof and he decides to do some freestyling, these sections are nuts as the game just asks you to press random buttons which makes Parappa sound like he's possessed, the graphics also go all psychedelic, it reminds me of that time I had two beers.

The game asks you if you want to save after every level, this is a terrific feature as it means you can stop playing, safe in the knowledge that you can pick up where you left off next time you decide to play.

One time I was playing the game on a train when the conductor approached me and asked if I wanted to play 2 player, I was like 'there's no 2 player mode in this game, leave me alone,' the conductor then gave me a long hard stare before whipping out a PSP and his own copy of Parappa The Rapper, 'check this s**t out,' he said as he jammed the UMD into the tray. Our rap battle lasted well into the night before I collapsed from exhaustion and died.

Parappa The Rapper is one of the few games from the Playstation era that is as brilliant now as it was back then, if you enjoy original and thoughtful gameplay then I highly recommend you check this one out.

Looks surprisingly good considering how old it is.
The songs are catchy and the overall sound is great.
Solid and easy to get to grips with.
Fun Factor
Fun is all this game is about.
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Ingram3315d ago

Apologies for what? fun and simple review with fair scores.

Keep it up, please!

Hufandpuf3315d ago

Lol hilarious review, please do more!

consolez_FTW3315d ago

PhantomTommy your reviews are awesome. Parappaa the rapper was a fun game to play back in the PS1 days. Keep up the great work man, writing these awesome reviews!

PhantomTommy3315d ago

Everybody whoever drank water died!!

Thanks for the comment man, and thanks for reminding me about Mega 64!!