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User Review : Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

  • Amazing Graphics.{Might Guy. One Funny Dude.{Longevity. Persevere And You Will Be In For Hours Of Gameplay.
  • Fighting Becomes Repetitive.{Naruto Isn't The Most Engaging Franchise Ever.{No Online. Why ?

Yay Another Naruto Game. Is This One Any Different To The Others ??

I'm an anime fan. A few years ago I was told to watch Naruto. When I watched it I wasn't a big fan. I couldn't see what the fuss was about. So when I saw the countless amount of Naruto games come out I wasn't excited. After all, I was a huge DragonBall Z fan and most of the games sucked. So what got my attention ? What was it about Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm that caught my attention ?

Graphics. Plain and simple. When I downloaded the video I was blown away. It looked AMAZING in a totally different way to the usual direction that games are going. Others out there maybe similar but none and I mean none of the other anime based games come close to this one in terms of graphics. Its captured the essence of the anime beautifully. On the back of the cover it says graphics better than the anime. And this is true especially if played on a High Definition TV. The colours and the speed of the game are beautifully presented in this Installment. Its a wonderful piece of eye candy. Your eyes are in for a treat.

The story is typical tacky kiddie anime. Its not deep. But I much preferred playing the storyline as opposed to watching it. You go right through the Naruto arcs to where Sasuke runs away. If your a fan of the anime you wont discover anything new. But it was fun to be able to play through some of the episodes I watched.

Gameplay is fun. I never had the pleasure of playing previous titles, but it had an RPG feel to it. You run around, do missions, collect scrolls and money to buy items and so and so forth. It gets very repetitive. When you first start playing it can be quite boring. It gets very repetitive. Some of the missions include walking 5,000 steps, breaking 100 breakable items. And the numbers just keep increasing as the missions are passed. Running around town is a chore, but the real charm of the game is the fighting. Which to becomes repetitive. Some fights are a pain in the neck and are very frustrating. But pulling off new Ultimate Jutsu moves is very satisfying.

The most surprising thing about this game is the longevity of it. Ive spent over 30 hours on it and still haven't completed all of the missions and objectives. If you persevere with this game it can reward you with many hours of gameplay. A note to those in for a laugh pick Might Guy and pull off his Ultimate Jutsu. It will make you laugh for sure and make you want to watch what other stupid things he can do.

Overall it was a solid effort that becomes rather repetitive. But man it is one of the most beautiful games I have played. It may not have the textures of Gears or Killzone 2 but it is awesome. If your a fan of the show get it. If you want a game you can play for a while and you don't have access to the internet then try it. Certainly not perfect, but a solid effort nonetheless.

Very Repetitive. But Quite Fun.
The Colors Are Amazing. It Is Far Better Than Watching The Anime.
They Could Of Had More Background Songs. Voices Are The Same As The Anime, English And Japanese.
Fun Factor
I'm No Fan Of The Anime, But I certainly Enjoyed This Game.
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Socomer 19794454d ago

I feel Exactly the same.

It really does have that RPG feel & thats why I love the game.
easily 1 of my favorite games in my collection.

WengYong4453d ago

It felt very RPGish to me when I played. I most certainly enjoyed this game

TheColbertinator4454d ago

Yeah I thought it was okay.Nothing too special