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User Review : Mortal Kombat

  • Graphics
  • Controls
  • Content
  • Quick Transition
  • Difficulty Curve (Not a major Problem)

LGRM - Mortal Kombat Vita Version Review

Also known as Mortal Kombat 9 the newest Mortal Kombat instalment has been well received by the gaming community.
The game has been praised for an excellent storyline, terrific graphics and awesome multiplayer.
Now imagine if you had all that and more in the palm of your hand, that is basically the definition of Mortal Kombat for Vita.

First of all, you get the amazing story mode with the same cut-scenes used on PS3 and Xbox 360 so they look amazing on the Vita's screen. However, it is a bit of a slap in the face when the cut-scene ends and the game starts as you can tell the difference in the graphics, but after a few seconds your eyes adjust and then the game begins to look good.
The graphics, for a handheld, look absolutely great with the backgrounds looking well done and the character models looking very life-like, with the exception of the lip syncing which is a bit off.
The frame rate is excellent and the controls are very accessible with the D-Pad actually being more optimised than the analog sticks and the standard buttons in combination with movements make some accessible and satisfying special blows to your opponent.

The game also has a competent online multiplayer experience that rarely lags and you can hear your opponent through their microphone, that can be a little annoying though.

An the 'more' part? Throw in lots of extra modes like 'test your luck' which adds random mutators to the fight and a very well done fruit ninja style mini-game to utilize the Vita's touch screen and a balancing mini-game to use the gyroscope feature.

Overall the game is really great with only it's quick transition from cut-scene to graphics, and sometimes the difficulty curve being the only problems.
I definitely recommend picking it up.

Not the best the console has scene but good none the less.
Great quality sound with voices being perfectly clear.
Absolutely awesome fighting gameplay with accessible controls.
Fun Factor
Very fun, sometimes gets frustrating due to difficulty.
Competent but sometimes drops games and people sometimes abuse it.
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