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User Review : Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  • Gameplay
  • Value for your buck
  • Voice acting
  • Story as weak as my gall bladder
  • bad ending with a weak twist

Yes Boss, you kept us waiting, but it was not worth it

By reading the title you're either holding dear to your pitchfork or actually trying to blow some steam by reading a fellow gamer's angry rantview ( rant + review, clever huh ?) about the game, and yes my fellow smart reader (i'm calling you smart because you're still reading this fancy review of mine), this review falls into the second categor. Now for my dear peasen..... erm.. pitchfork holders, maybe you'd care to hear me out before stabbing me from across the globe with your hateful internet comment.

Let me start my review with a Cliché, you probably read this a million times already; i'm a MGS fanboy, i truly am, having bought a playstation 2 solely for the purpose of playing this masterpiece of a game was by no means an easy task, you see my dear reader, right at the ps2 launch i was a poor student, and to acquire money for this big futuristic box i had to do things i'm not proud of, but enough of that, point is, i finally bought my playstation 2 and drenched my fingers into the mgs 2 box, i remember smelling every inch of it and never wanting this moment to end, and yes, i still need to see a therapist, anyway, as history tends to repeat itself, in 2007 i was confronted by a behemoth of a price tag, yes, i'm talking about the ps3, i just had to get it for mgs4, i had to know who the patriots are, how it ends, whats happening with vamp and why is Raiden in heels, long story short, the game was everything i hoped for and then some more.

Now you might be asking yourself; why am i reading this ? why haven't this guy talked about the phantom pain yet ? does size really matter ?.
You have to understand that this franchise means a lot to me and i have no problems spending a big sum of cash on it, so that's why i shared this story with you.

Quick question, what's the first thing that pops into your head when i say Metal gear ? It might be Snake, Raiden, awesome story telling, twists, patriots, or even nano-machines, and what do these all have in common you might ask?, the answer is simple; we kill the batman...err no but really, this franchise was founded on masterful story-telling, albeit a little rough around the edges, the bulk of it is just too good even by books standards.

Ill be honest, the storytelling is gone, imagine a metal gear solid game without a kickass story and what do you get? splinter cell. Yes i said it, splinter cell is a poor man's metal gear, YOU DONT KNOW WHERE I LIVE YOU CAN'T HURT ME !!!, now back to the matter at hand, narrative rich cut scenes have been dropped for cassette tapes, the way i see it they were an option; people who craved good story telling were invited to play these tapes, and those taking a pause from call of duty were invited to just go on a merciless kill-spree and Fulton to their heart's content, it would have worked, hadn't the story been as weak as a Chinese made condom. Surprisingly Splinter cell: Blacklist would triumph it easily considering it was always the other way around; Splinter cell for gameplay and mgs for story. You have to factor in that cassette tapes are your only means to make sense of whats going on, the cut scenes are nearly gone, albeit some random ones playing every now and then and don't provide any "ill-put-my-control-and-e njoy-a-good-cutscene moments that graced the other mgs games while letting you actually enjoy a good plot.

Now lets talk about gameplay; its the best thing that graced humanity after the Justin Bieber hype died, the game is fluid, responsive, and best of all; fun. Its the little things that matter ( dont quote me on that); poop flipping cars, how blood sticks to your clothes, flies flying around you when you stink, etc.. , Fulton recovery plays a bigger role here than it did in peace walker and your base ACTUALLY matters now, need that new gun ? go fulton some guys to up your research department , oh that armor looks sweet ! , go fulton some other guys so you can research it. All in all it's a pretty good system but gets tedious on the long run, it just becomes like homework , you hate it but you HAVE to do it as it also carries on to the mother base defending online portion, and oh my god how annoying can Miller be with quotes like: you're going to extract him ? leave the rest to us. Maybe i'm making a big deal outta it, but the fact that the voice actor is so whiny can't help but make me want to stick a screw driver in my ears every time i extract someone.

I never thought an open world was the way to go for a mgs game, and i was partially correct, no one can deny the effort that was put into creating a believable open world by the Kojima-team, to some extent it works well, but then you realize how empty and unrealistic it really is, camps you capture just get repopulated, after a while every base looks the same, and there's just a big vast of openness that's super unnecessary. Speaking of unnecessary, it seems someone at kojima's ( and yes i'm aware of the problems between konami and kojima) has a thing for repeated''story'&# 39; missions, how fun!, imaging disliking a particular mission only to discover afterwards that you get to re-play it but this time you can't trigger alarms or you have to play it on a higher difficulty, oh the fun we'r going to have !.

I hate code-talker,i cannot stress this enough, if i could trap the essence of his voice in a jar, i would buy a plane ticket, jump into the pacific ocean, search for the Tamu Massif volcano, re-activate it somehow and just wipe the jar from existence, that's how annoying he is. As for Kiefer, well you cant really tell if Hayter would have been the better choice, for starters Boss is a mute now, and by some miracle he can spew words every now and then but probably gets mistaken for Miller, you see, now i have devised a trick to differentiate between Miller and boss, when you hear a whiny guy complaining about every goddamn Atom and particle he sees or touches you know that's Miller, the other guy is probably Boss or so. Ocelot is ok i guess, if i would rate the best voice actor in the phantom pain; Ocelot would win based on being the only tolerable voice you can hear and recognize. Quiet is quiet and that's that.

Unmistakably the game has a good bang for the buck, although it saddens me to be talking about such a subject as we now factor in the data that is being put on a disc and how it's proportional to our money, i remember the time where everything was on the disc/cartridge and you just have a blast with the said game, but that's a rant for another time. Mgo although still basic, premature, or even unfinished, adds undoubtedly really good value here, long after you're finished with the story and way past your 5 stages of grief, there's actually some more you can get outta your disk.

Kojima always gets a free pass, i hated people who said that, but you know what? kojima DID get a free pass on this one, before you start judging me ( a thing which you have already done) lets compare mgs with Dying light, in terms of gameplay Dying light was really good, implementing ideas from assassins creed, mirror edge, and having them in a good ol mix with dead island, succeeding masterfully. now on the other hand, mgs has some really good gameplay, but it just feels like an added-on peace walker, now in terms of story telling i would argue that Dying light has the upper hand, and now looking at the scores giving by our ''media outlets'' , something is amiss.

I didn't go in details how the ending and the twist were beyond-belief awful and how every little cell in my body either multiplying or serving its purpose was actually secreting little cell-puke after having witnessed this abomination,or how a simple 10 dollar game like undertale or even a bad received game ( which i think was more than awesome) like Dying light could possibly destroy mgs in terms of story telling. But after finding comfort in a friend that was in shock post-ending, or even hugging a closed one like your pet or a family member (just make sure he's alive), there's some fun to be had in this title, just Don't just go expecting much.

On a side note: please don't destroy me or rip me a new one as this is my first review kthnxyerdabest ^^

They are ok, nothing ground breaking, but sharp enough to merit an 8
i gave it a 7,2 because i'm cool like that, honestly the voice acting could be better
Best redeeming quality about the title
Fun Factor
still in its early days, some weapons are over powered, lets see where the future updates take us
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UltraNova2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Hmm...What can I say...

I'm an MSG fanboy too. I havent played the phantom pain yet because I'm on a Dark SOuls/Bloodborne spree in time for DS3 but primarily for a reason I'll explain down bellow.

I bought a ps1 for MGS when i was the biggest N64 fanboy out there. I bought a ps2 because I wanted to play Mgs2 and because PS kinda grew on me.

I was late at my university degree award ceremony because it was on the same day MGS4 released and I was in line to get the special edition for 3 hrs...Yes I lost the ceremony and I had to visit the Dean's office to get my degree paper.

When I read negative stuff about an MGS game I get frustrated. I don't know why, maybe its the fanboy inside?

From what I've read and heard so far, I cant help but agree with most people on MGSV. It feels that Kojima gave in and made a game that would appeal to most people, not us the hardcore MGS fans.

I loved every second of MGS4 especially the cut-scenes. I was totally immersed in the story and characters. I could go as far as to say that I nearly like MGS4 more than the original (blasphemy I know).

Now I'm scared. Scared to play MGSV because I'm afraid I wont like it. I'm afraid my favorite franchise will fade to memory. In some way its already decided. Kojima left and MGS is in Konami's hands. But MGSv was Kojima's last MGS.

But its ok . Its ok to lose my favorite game franchise because I believe I have found a new one in the Souls franchise a truly captivating experience.

My MGSV copy should arrive any day now. I hope, after I finish it that I'll remember the last, true, MGS game in a good light.

It was a funny and well written 'rantview'! Thank you for being honest.

lociefer2180d ago

thank u for the nicest reply ever, i know where you're coming from , so i know that on a level you feel obliged to play mgs5, unlike me maybe you'll like it who knows, just dont try to push yourself to be emotionally attached to the story, thats the best mentality to actually enjoy it ^^

UltraNova2179d ago

Thanks I'll keep that in mind.

Keep on reviewing my friend and I'll be sure to check them out!

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jangoblamba2176d ago

I mean, by your review subheading, you're implying that the game is not worth buying. Yet, you gave it a 7.8. That seems contradictory.

lociefer2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

clickbait my friend, no but in all seriousness, as i wrote; the gameplay and bang for the buck are the high points of this title, but for mgs veterans, the story is not worth it, so by stating the game was not worth the wait i was targeting these ''veterans'' who judge a mgs game by it's story first then gameplay second. So now, if you look at the game as a standalone title unrelated to the mgs universe as kojima tried to push; the story is weak, the gameplay is good, and the voice acting is not the best out there, and this for me merits a 7.8

kraenk122172d ago

I never really could get into MGS4 with its strange and over acted story, never having played the first three games. I love MGS5 though, the gameplay is amazing and so you might be right.

theshredded2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

dude your only negatives are the story, voice acting, etc which aren't that major and u gave it a 7? The only people who are giving lower than average scores are the MGS guys who worship MGS's story, characters, lore.... The technology is here that's why MGSV doesn't focus on story like the other games, just be thankful we got a great game

lociefer2171d ago

''dude your only negatives are the story, voice acting, etc which aren't that major and u gave it a 7?'' i dont wanna sound like a jerk , but all the things you mentioned are the ingredients of a great game, remove them and what do you get? a baboon running foltoning every person in Afghanistan with no purpose.

'' The only people who are giving lower than average scores are the MGS guys who worship MGS's story, characters, lore...''while in fact i do worship the story, its called mgs ''5'' for a reason, there were 4 other installments before it, so it has a story to finish and a reputation to live up to, now lets pretend for a minute this wasn't a mgs game, reviewers would have knocked it down for its weak story and voice acting and that was exactly what i did, if i would have reviewed it purely as a mgs fanboy i would have given it a 4.

''The technology is here that's why MGSV doesn't focus on story like the other games, just be thankful we got a great game'' sorry that doesn't make sense, i gave it a high graphics and gameplay score, and that's a testament for this technology. Its a great game nonetheless, but knowing its kojima's farewell and compared to other games it has a lower quality story and voice acting, that's really perplexing.

On a side note, you have to take into account that its out of 10, that means a ''5'' would mean an average game, a 6 is above average, a 7 would be a good game although not great, still holds its own. So yeah, its just a good game.