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User Review : Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

  • Sound Is Amazing{Beautiful Environments{Amazing Storyline
  • Installs, They Are Horrendous

Metal Gear Is One Of The Most Recognisable Names In Gaming.

When I first played Metal Gear Solid 4 I wanted to wait a few months before I did a review. This is because I didn't want to give a fanboyish review. I want to give a real review for people.

Metal Gear is one of my favorite franchises. I loved the 1st one, endured the 2nd and loved the 3rd. The way they unravel the story really is a tribute to the genius that is Hideo Kojima. No other game can offer the experience of Metal Gear Solid. Whether it be 1,2,3 or 4. And it is a pity that some people are too blind to really appreciate the experience of Metal Gear Solid. Because in terms of an "experience" there is no game, and I mean NO game, right now that can offer you an experience like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots.

We all know the story of Solid Snake, and how this is his final mission. He's been sent to eliminate Liquid Ocelot, the incarnation of his brother Liquid Snake. Gone is the Snake of Old. The tough untouchable Solid Snake of MGS1 has been replaced by a battle hardened but very vulnerable Old Snake. His story is tragic. Without going into too much depth his story in Metal Gear Solid 4 easily surpasses the previous Metal Gears. Its not even close. Kojima has scripted a masterpiece in Metal Gear Solid 4. It takes gaming story lines to a whole new level. One that I hope more devs adopt.

The gameplay mechanics have been completely revamped. I was surprised to find I could actually shoot my way through levels as opposed to sneaking. The over the shoulder view when you decide to shoot is responsive and quick. The sheer amount of guns available is amazing, and then you can customize them as a bonus. The camera angle has been revamped to the point that it feels more like a 3rd person shooter compared to the usual Tactical Espionage Action of previous Metal Gears. You can shoot your way through the game, but it really is a waste to do so. Nothing is more intense than sneaking your way through a battlefield. It's something no other game offers today. Take advantage of the OctoCamo to sneak your way through the levels. If you do you are in for a very rewarding gaming experience.

The graphics are stunning. The fact that the cut scenes use the in game engine and aren't CG is amazing. They stand as a testament to the capabilities of the new Metal Gear Engine. Even now, almost a year after its release, Metal Gear Solid 4 holds its own as one of the best looking games available on a console.

Those of you that have read my first blog I posted here on n4g know that I like the first Metal Gear more than the fourth. I think its a far better gaming experience, but that's just my opinion. I might of made it sound like Guns Of The Patriots was a bad game, but believe me it isn't. This is easily the best gaming experience available to us at this time. To all those who haven't played it yet, play it. If its confusing then read up a little bit and then play it. If you don't have a PS3 then hire one. This is the best game of the current generation. Period.

You can shoot or sneak. Take your pick.
At the time spectacular. Now they're amazing.
Pure bliss. Amazing sound and voice acting that is superior to every game out there.
Fun Factor
Yes this game is fun. Contrary to what some may believe.
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el_rika4370d ago

Good review buddy, hope it gets approved :)

Cheers !

WengYong4369d ago

Good to see yours got approved too.

lh_swe4369d ago

I'd say my favourite was the third iteration, although I can honestly said I have never played a game with a more epic, emotional and better ending to a franchise.
I am aware this might not be the end of Metal Gear Solid, but it'll probably be the last time we will see solid snake and his departure couldn't have been celebrated in a more honourable fashion.

WengYong4368d ago

Yeah I believe it wasnt the best in the series, but I definitely agree that this was the best way to end Solid Snakes Story.

Great Game that took the word epic to a whole new level

lh_swe4368d ago

I think you should continue putting them out there;)

WengYong4367d ago

I will continue to put them up. LittleBigPlanet review will be up soon if you wanna check it out

lh_swe4367d ago

I'm still undecided on whether I should get that game actually, maybe you could help me make up my mind.

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