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User Review : Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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    You don't want to make me mad!

    The story takes place four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the patriots. You play as Raiden who was brought into the Metal Gear Solid series in Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of liberty and made an appearance in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the patriots. You join Raided in Africa when he is now part of a new PMC or private military corporation named Maverick more focused on providing security than fighting wars. He still has some parts of the cyborg ninja you saw him as in MGS4 but using actual human blood, the game starts off with you having to protect the prime minister of Africa but an attack on the escort convoy of the prime minister you experience your first taste of combat and get to see some of the new enemies you will face as well as an appearance from an old machine.

    After the situation in Africa you are tasked with stopping a new PMC Desperado so they do not start more civil wars in Africa and other countries so they can profit from the war, but whilst you are investigating this PMC you realise that they are up to more extreme programmes than just trying to start up old wars and that it is run by someone very powerful that is unexpected of someone in their position.

    Once you realise what they are up to and who is behind this it is up to Raiden and his team to travel the world to find and stop these people from what they are doing to innocent people and countries. Throughout his travels he meets new friends and new enemies with them all sticking to the Meta Gear style which goes very well with Risings style and as well as this some issues from Radien’s past come up during the game and you can see him become who he was before we first encountered him in MGS2.

    Even being as big a fan of the Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid series as I am I have to admit I was sceptical about Rising fitting in with it being a more hack and slash type of game then a stealth game. You can use stealth in rising to help get past harder enemies but don’t fear if you enjoy hack and slash games such as Devil May Cry you will not be disappointed the controls for Raiden's combat work superbly and allow for fast paced gameplay and the ability to string together high combos between enemies.

    You have the ability to do a light attack, heavy attack, parry attacks and also slow down time to hit your enemy multiply times as they slowly move called blade mode but if you are hit during his it will stop the slow motion. You also have a move that is called a ninja run that gives you the ability to sprint and move over obstacles fast and easy a lot easier than the standard run and jump.

    By using the blade mode effect you can get the ability to kill enemy cyborgs and rip put their spine for their fuel which in return gives you more health and fuel cells and the animation to show this does not get boring at all.

    Throughout the game you can customise Raiden in the form of new outfits, swords, sword upgrades, unique weapons, more health, more fuel cells for longer blade mode and new attacks.
    There are a few QTE or quick time events in the game but they have kept these down to a minimum but they ones you do have are not as annoying as some QTE’s can be due to the fast pace of the action it is usually over very quickly and is action packed so it won’t disappoint people that are not fans of them and they should not be put off by them.

    The game include as good amount of enemies ranging from other cyborg’s and UG’s or otherwise known as Unmanned Gears, so of the basic enemies you fight during the game play will be fairly easy and will not give you too many problems but there are a few enemies that do attacks that you cannot block so to keep moving is a good idea, it is also a good idea not to spam your buttons too much or you can get locked in a combo giving the enemy a chance to hit you. There are thirteen bosses in the game and just like other Metal Gear games they are a combination of ones you see quite regularly through the game and others that only make an appearance to try and kill you, some of the bosses are not too much of a problem once you learn their attack patterns which is a good idea but other bosses will give you a harder time with some of these moves seeming a bit cheap but once again just keep your patience and try and learn their attack patterns and work out what attacks you can parry then counter and attacks that you should run out of the way to avoid.

    For the weapons you start out with Raiden's own personal sword but playing through the game you can unlock other weapons by killing the bosses but before you can use their weapons you must purchase them in the customization store and you also get weapons for completing trophy challenges during your game and there are weapons which require DLC to unlock as well. As well as the swords and unique weapons you also get sub weapons you can use which include an RPG, Homing Missile Launcher, Fragmentation grenade, EMP grenade and a RP grenade that you can also equip and use.

    The graphics are highly done with great attention to detail small detail you can see include the reflection of colours through water particles which add an extra edge to the game. Even though the game is set in mostly urban areas and countries with not a lot of vegetation you would think colours would be far and few in-between but they have taken to making the characters have nice bright colours attractive to the eye that makes the game nice to look at and can enjoy the colours on offer.
    During some of the boss fights you will move to different parts of the level that I feel is a good idea and you get to see the amount of detail put into the maps and keeps the battles fresh with new views and places to go.

    The cut scenes stay true to Metal Gear cut scenes that there are a fair amount but they don’t seem as long as they do in Metal Gear Solid series but just like them they do carry a lot of detail and action which helps move the story along but at the same time you do not miss out on any action the game has to offer.

    The voice acting in the game is done to a very high standard as like other Metal Gear games with Quinton Flynn returning as Raiden although this time they have given him a more gritty deeper voice which fits well with the new style of Raiden. The main boss enemies are voiced by a good mixture of people from different countries once again like other Metal Gear titles which give the game a more global feel and especially since the bosses are the best of the best and you would expect them to derive from different countries.

    The audio for the game is very well done everything from the explosions to the slicing the air with your blade you can hear it nice and crisp. The music for this game is different to others as this game focuses more on action even though there are times where you can or have to be stealthy the music is more fasted paced which goes well with those fast action fights, it helps keeps you in that fast pace mood with fast heavy beats, the music helps bring the atmosphere of the game alive.

    Over all I would give this game a 10 out of 10 I think it is one of the best games for this generation of consoles and stands up tall beside the rest of the Metal Gear titles, I would suggest this game to anyone that is a fan of Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid titles as well as fans of hack and slash games such as Devil May Cry. So if you are a fan of any of these games or looking for a game to give yourself a challenge I would strongly recommend you pick up this game.

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    WildArmed1815d ago

    A story is a plus?

    I disagree, I think it's the worst part of this combo.

    Combat was pretty fun thou, esp in the higher difficulties where missing a parry meant losing your HP bar.

    garos821813d ago

    Just finished it last night.****that last boss.such a pain to defeat.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game but it's far from a 10imo.
    There were a few segments that were really annoying and a few that were highly action filled and stylised.

    Over all I liked it and best of all was free on ps plus!