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User Review : Max Payne 3

My thoughts/review.

First off, you know right away this is a Rockstar game, it plays like Red Dead or GTA with elements of Max Payne sprinkled in. Something just feels off about it, the setting is really generic. Noir elements have been stripped away for a tropical setting. This entry is more actiony and fast paced with the comic style cut scenes replaced with flickering acid trip like scenes that blend into the gameplay, which I wasn't a big fan of. There are some scenes that are on rails and let you play a modern form of duck hunt.

In this game they introduce a cover system you are forced to use more than bullet time if you want to actually complete the game, which is a total failure, though bullet time it's self feels nice when you do get to use it. There is hardly any interactivity with the game world besides pushing buttons to open doors. Clues were an okay edition even though Max or whoever you're with at the time is telling you to hurry up and move on when you're trying to find them.

Some enemies, especially towards the end are bullet sponges and that makes the game have a unrealistic cheap feel to it. I found myself having to blindfire way to much, weapons with lazer sights are annoying to use. At some points the camera blocked my aim reticle.

The story is boring and becomes pointless at a certain point while the first two games had epic, meaningful stories about love, loss and revenge. This game just has no soul and is a poor attempt at a redemption story. They didn't even take the time to use multiple endings like in the last game for the fans that would have preferred more closure to Max's story.

At the end of the day, I don't hate the game, I just can't give it a overwhelming review with the name that's attached to it and the legacy it failed to live up to.

It's beautiful to look at and still holds up to newer titles after 7 years which blows my mind, but that only gets you so far.

Graphics don't change the fact that this game feels like the Great Value version of Max Payne.

The Most redeeming factor about the game.
Typical Rockstar soundtrack, has alot of Red Dead vibes going on.
It's a Rockstar game with painkillers and bullet time.
Fun Factor
A lot of annoying, cheap sections. The flow of the game is hit and miss. Had to push through by the time I reached the 3rd act of the game.
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