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User Review : Mass Effect

  • Amazing cinematics{Amazing story{Awesome gameplay
  • Confusing rpg system

The best game ever? maybe

Mass effect is a beautiful combination of game play, story, and everything else that a game should have. The story is so immersive if you let it settle in, and not to mention it is so deep that you have to make sure you don't fall to far in to it. The characters are also amazing. They just make you feel like you are right there talking to them.

Here is the story so far. You are commander Sheppard. You have been made an elite unit known as a specter. You are the first human to do so, and the galaxy has mixed emotions about it. You find out this plan of this alien named Saren. Long story short you go all over the galaxy finding information and chasing him.

My favorite parts of the game were: Joker- your pilot to your ship. He is pretty funny but very brave. Vehicle-this part is amazing! I love watching the suspension on the vehicle roll as you land on uncharted worlds.

Gripes- The only thing that i did not like about Mass Effect was that the RPG system was kind of confusing at first, but then you get the hang of it. Also, at the very beginning there is no tutorial to help you get a hang on the ropes, and since it is using the UT3 engine the texture pop in was pretty bad.

Ending- I don’t want to spoil it, but I can say that it is a fucking awesome ending.

Wish list for sequel- Pretty much fix the gripes. And please Bioware, make your own in-house engine for it. I hate texture pop in during an awesome cinematic. And make the frame rate a bit more stable.

I hope that after considering this review you will buy or at least rent this game, and find out the ending for yourself!

Was there exept for the RPG factor
Good solid graphics, unfortunately there is too much texture pop up.
beatuful music, worthy of Martin O. Donnel
Fun Factor
Funnest game I have played in years!
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bigman73873923d ago

I haven't played the game but I got to say if the RPG system is either confusing or not there, the game cannot be perfect.
I'm not gonna disagree too much cuz this is a user review, but it is very hard to make a game perfect in my mind. Its great that you had a lot of fun, but to give a game a 10 means that it is PERFECT. The only game that ever game close to that for me was FFVII, and I've played a lot of really good games since them.
Sorry to focus on the negatives, but any time I see a 10 I get a little skeptical. But otherwise, good review, and I hope to be able to play this game eventually.

PS360WII3923d ago

Yeah I know a 10 doesn't mean perfect it means if you had fun with it and enjoyed it, but Mass Effect has to many faults in it to get a 10 really. I thought it was an amazing game but story along can't be the defining feature.

Adamalicious3922d ago

I'm playing Mass Effect right now, and while it's certainly a cool game I think it has too many flaws to deserve a perfect score. Maybe they'll get them all ironed out for the PC.

To address your perfect 10 for sound - Mass Effect has some serious issues with audio mixing, especially when it comes to dialogue. It's particularly bad when certainly dialogue has to compete with the music or sfx, but in general the levels of just straight up conversation dialogue is extremely inconsistent. I can't recall ever having to reach for the volume remote this often in a game. (I'm playing on a fairly beefy 5.1 system). I'm guessing they were going for minimally compressed, movie like sound - but they forgot that in movies the dialog is king and should always be mixed prominently. I do like the overall sound design though - maybe give them a 9

9.5 for graphics - I think the game has really cool, if not fairly derivative, art direction. But I have never never never seen a AAA game with texture problems this severe. Beyond that, a lot of the textures are rather low-resolution. I'd probably go closer to an 8.

llamaman133922d ago

i see what you are aying and your right, i hope in my future reviews i will look more into the techniclal flaws. after all it was my first one.

Niclas3922d ago

Fantastic game.. but not a 10.. just look at the framerate, its horrbile .. that brings it to at least 9.6