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User Review : Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Lots of upgrades & customisations
  • Lengthy adventure
  • Looks great at times
  • Texture popping and bugs
  • Some boring XP quests
  • Looks a bit odd at times

Better than the trilogy?

Mass Effect Andromeda is a good game on its own, in fact it shouldn't be played with the first three games in mind. Keep this in mind. It's set many years after the trilogy and doesn't have to do much with them although some references are found to the trilogy.

There is lots to play here, a load of character interactions as one expects, including romances, you have the option to take two extra characters with you on your missions, you have an amount of gear and weapon upgrades to select from, you gain XP and you can upgrade and customize various aspects of the team and gear, no spoilers.

There are certain aspects of the game which I found a bit boring like the planet hopping just to find certain minerals and XP, which is not that entertaining in my opinion, they're more like time consuming nuances, which I avoided most of the time, they don't have to be done in reality.

The visuals are a mix of great vistas but also weird character designs and animations. Overall, it looks good if you don't mind the occasional glitches and texture popping, then it's quite a good looking game. Just don't expect to be on par with Horizon Zero Dawn.

The audio is one of the better aspects in Andromeda, voice acting is great, especially the female Ryder version, (which is the one I preferred using) different species and aliens speak in different manners, soundtrack is also great overall.

Unfortunately I had Mass Effect and Horizon during the same time, so I did myself a favor and stopped playing Horizon until I finished Mass Effect, that way I wouldn't ruin my Andromeda experience, since Horizon is clearly one of the best out there at the moment.

All in all, Andromeda is a game RPG and Mass Effects fans should play, it's not a bad game in any way it definitely has lots to offer, just don't expect to love it after playing The Witcher 3 or Horizon Zero Dawn.

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