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User Review : Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • Graphics
  • Ease of gameplay
  • Online
  • Sound
  • Cheesy Boss
  • Repetitive Combo System

The Fate of Two Worlds Clash Again

From the initial intro video where Ryu is laying bruised and battered, to Deadpool and Dante going head to head, I knew this game would be everything I dreamed it to be. I must point out before the game booted up, there was a mandatory install: took about 5 minutes, which seemed okay but the install made me ask myself why? Why do fighting games need a mandatory install? At this point of the gaming life cycle that should not be an issue. Enough of that gripe: Once I hit the menu screen there is an option for offline battle, online battle, gallery, options. Offline provides players with the typical bells and whistles: Arcade, Versus, Training, and Mission. While Arcade, Versus, and Training are all too familiar, Mission is a new entity to the world of Marvel Vs. Capcom. This mode provide specific missions for each character to progress through. The mode gives players objectives to clear the level - such as using a super attack against the opponent. This allows players to develop their skills with those particular characters. The mode is very similar to the ones found in Street fighter 4's trainer. The graphics are exactly the fan fare we come to know from Capcom. Bright colors and flashy finishers spring into life with no hiccups in the frame rate. Stage design - Character design is top notch plus the character color differences are a very nice mix up (IE Spiderman's Red and Yellow Mc Donald's costume).The sound to me is hit or miss. The sound effects are well enough to do the job, but they just did not have enough pop to say that this is the stage of the greatest characters in the Marvel/Capcom Universe. Repeated comments can seem to get redundant after a while IE Deadpool Bang-Bang super. The sound does not kill the game. The voices are very unique and come across very believable for all the characters. Game play the system is of Capcoms other fighter, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom; giving the player a light attack, medium attack, heavy attack, and special. This system works very well for this type of fighter. However, I felt a sense of receptiveness hitting square, triangle, circle, x to initiate a good air combo. Overall the system is fun and does not lack any punch when the craziness is happening on the screen. Quickly in regards to game play, the final boss of Galactus was very un - aw - inspiring to me. The fight seemed very gimmicky and I defeated him the first try on medium. I think the idea was perfect because of the size of Galactus, but the execution was far from exhilarating. Online is okay. I never been a fan of online fighters because of lag and considering the speed of this game, you would need to have lag under control. I felt a great sense of responsiveness and it was very playable. So for those worried, you can rest easy knowing online is not broken. Bottom Line, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is a fine sequel that will keep players playing for days to come. Given that the game offers a slew of fan fave characters, the matchups will always keep players coming back. With the hope of more downloadable characters, and maybe stages, Marvel Vs Capcom can go down as one of the greatest fighters ever created.

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