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User Review : Manhunt 2

  • High-Quality Stealth mixed with High-Quality Gunplay{Good use of the Wii Remote's Speaker{Engaging, if not completely bizzare storyline.
  • Below Average Graphics{Melee combat's in pieces{AI's on the stupid side

Gruesomely Good (okay, that was bad. Sorry)

When I was at the game store, I wanted to rent a game. I had like 3 or 4 games in my mind and none of them were there. So I closed my eyes and randomly picked a game from the shelf. And that game was Manhunt 2.

The Storyline is unique. If not completely weird. I'll try to explain it the best I can. You play as Daniel Lamb: A nerdy guy whose whole life was ruined by a scientist named Pickman, who used you as a Guinea Pig for one of his sick little experiments called the Pickman Project. The things you saw, the things you were brainwashed into doing. These things forced you to be placed into a Mental Asylum for the criminally insane. With no clue of what's going on around him, Daniel strangles a nurse half to death. Then his cell door lies open. Leo Kasper, another Guinea Pig for the Project and got committed into the asylum with you, is the one who opened it. Now, you must get revenge on the Project and take your life back, along with your past. If this game sounds hard to understand, trust me, it is. It took me 3 hours after beating it to figure out exactly what the hell happened. It's still interesting, nonetheless.

Okay, now I've read reviews of this game and I've seen scores as low as 2.5 out of 10. But I have to say, this game is pretty good, to be honest. Let me go into detail, though.

Manhunt 2 plays like 2 different games at once in terms of Gameplay. In the beginning, you basically must scrap for weapons which you'll then need to use them to sneak up on enemies and brutally mortalize them, which is made a little disheartening at the fact that a screen filter had to be put in place during the more brutal scenes to avoid the AO rating. Nonetheless, it still feels meaty, as it should.

But when you get your first gun at around the 5th or 6th level (There's 15 in all, by the way) the whole gameplay style changes from a hide-then-kill to a TPS game. You aim your guns with the Wii Remote which has a behind-the-back camera angle that goes a long way.(Think exactly like RE4: Wii Edition when you aim. Hey, if you're going to steal, steal from the best, right?) Manhunt 2 in unique in that it switches between which Gameplay style you need to use almost effortlessly. Other little things, such as responsive controls and a mostly flawless camera help seperate Manhunt 2 from the rest.

Unfortunately, as great as these 2 Gameplay styles are, Manhunt 2 suffers from a badly broken melee combat system. Even little weak hits will send Danny into a 2-4 second hit animation, which allows enemies to continue to beat on you and sometimes knock you down. If you're down, it takes 10+ seconds to get up. So the enemies can continue to beat you and will probably kill you. In short, use stealth kills.

Crappy melee combat or no, Manhunt 2 suffers from some other flaws as well, such as weak AI (If enemies are chasing you, they seem to forget about you the moment you leave their sight) and no extras after beating the game (1 extra mission and that's it) ultimately bring down what could've been a 9 or a 9.5 in the Gameplay department.

The Graphics are another big flaw that Manhunt 2 suffers from. Details look pixelated, and there's a lack of individual fingers. It actually looks along the lines of Bully or GTA: Vice City (All 3 are developed by the same company, I might add), and that just shouldn't be happening on a system that's given us such beautiful games as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and RE4: Wii Edition.

The music is eerie and scary, which helps add to the overall horror experience. And the sounds coming out of the Wii Remote's Speaker, such as Gunshots and knocking on doors, help add a great layer of immersion. Good value in this department, overall.

Final Word
After all of the hype and the publicized delay to avoid the notorious AO rating, Manhunt 2 actually dissapoints a little bit. Still, if you enjoy stealthy gore mixed with high-quality gunplay (as long as you don't mind the terrible melee system) then Manhunt 2 definitely fits the bill, and is, without a doubt, a good game despite it's shortcomings. :)

Although suffering from major melee combat issues, the Gunplay and Stealth mesh perfectly, complete with a weird-but-awesome Storyline.
Graphically, this game could've been looking like this on PSP (and, as a matter of fact I think it is!)
The music is good. But the real bonus points come from the great use of the Wii Remote's Speaker.
Fun Factor
Manhunt 2 is at the very least worth a rental. A badly underrated game to say the least.
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