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User Review : MadWorld

  • Hardcore gory action{They have a story for this one{Unique bosses
  • Very repetitive{OK soundtrack (a soundtrack for a game like this should have Tech N9ne, not Ox){Boring multiplayer, potential for online

Black, white and a whole load of red all over.............

Everyone has heard of MadWorld, the controversy, the art-style, everything. This is Sega and Platnium's attempt at swaying the hardcore audience on the Wii, but you have to be a certain type of gamer to enjoy this game. I did, as you will see in this review.

Storyline: The game is set on Jefferson Island in Varrigan City, which is taken over by terrorists to host a game of DeathWatch, where contestants fight to the death in the city. Jack Cayman, the character you play as, is sent by the mayor to save his daughter. There is also something about a virus killing everyone in the city, although it's not mentioned much. Overall, it's a decent try, but it's nothing compared to a game like say, Uncharted. It's just there. But a game where you brutally chainsaw opponents doesn't really need a story, like a Michael Bay movie for example. The story is presented in a comic book fashion and as you will expect, in black and white.

Gameplay: Gameplay is fun at first, but never really changes as the game goes along. You go to a stage, kill enemies, preferrably in very unique ways, then participate in a BloodBath Challenge, a mini-game where you must kill enemies in a very unique way, like throwing them into a dartboard, then kill more enemies. After you kill enough enemies, you enter a boss battle, where you finish them in a violent and somewhat funny way. The same thing for the next battle. It never really changes, and most of the boss battles are very easy. The second-to-last boss battle, for example took me only a few minutes to beat, while the second castle battle took me a few tries. There are levels on Jack's motorcycle, however, there are only two, which is very disappointing. The motorcycle levels are dissapointing in their own right, being exactly the same in terms of structure. The only difference is that one of the boss battles is on motorcycle. There is commentary during the levels, where two commentators talk during the gameplay like a sports game. Played by Greg Proops & Jon DiMaggio, these commentators are very believeable considering they're talkng over a game of life and death. However, they tend to say the same jokes over and over (For example, one joke "I like to drink down my scotch with more scotch" is said everytime you get health, for the whole game). The same weapons, spike bats, blades, are given to the player without the entire game. You keep the same chainsaw, same health bar, same everything for the whole game without them changing.

Presentation: The game is presented in a black and white style, to emphasize the blood. The style looks very good, but it can get confusing when it comes to finding objects on the map. The soundtrack consists of hip-hop and rap songs from artists you have never heard of. These artists all have MySpace pages and are all independent. The songs are allright, but if you listen to as much mainstream rap as I do, then you won't give these songs much attention. If you don't believe me ask yourself this. Who would you listen to? Eminem or Doujah Raze? If there is a sequel, they need to get artists like:

Not to say that the tracks on the MadWorld soundtrack are bad, but are overshadowed.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer in this game is a two-player mode where you participate in BloodBath challenges. You have to progress through the single player game to unlock more BloodBath Challenges. This would be cool, but it quickly loses it's hold on you. It's not very addicting. There is no online either, so you have to play split-screen. It would make more sense for an online multiplayer component considering what the game's premise, you are in a survival for the fittest deathmatch tournament? Wouldn't that be a great multiplayer mode?? DLC would make sense too (Download more finishers), but I am not going to take points off the game for that because this game was released before the memory solution came out. But if the sequel doesn't have any online whatsoever, I'm going to take off points.

Controls: Great for a Wii game, very well done. Nuff said.

Overall, this is a good game. And since as of January 2010, you can buy it at a very cheap price, it's a great game.

Repetive, but fun at the start.
Great art style, but it can be hard to find things.
Good soundtrack, decent commentary, overall, pretty good.
Fun Factor
Again, very repetititve
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