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User Review : MadWorld

  • Great art style{Huge variety of gameplay{Nice story
  • Some Tricky controls{Repetitive sound{Might scare youngins and family groups(also a pro)

Madworld: Fun for the whole family... oh wait...

Madworld is an great game of near endless world experimentation in a rebirth of the beat-em-up genre. Levels are vast and filled to the brim with stuff to do to your hapless enemies. Though there are basically only 5 or 6 basic environmental maneuvers each level reinvents them and changes how they work keeping the basic formula feeling fresh level to level. On top of that bonus rounds throw in even more variety in a frantic and enjoyable run to kill as many of the masked contestants as you can with a minimal time limit.

The take chances artistic style 100% makes the experience beautiful to behold. Blood perfectly contrasts with the total lack of color making each and every kill more beautiful then the last. It may not be HD but it works and works well.

Controls are very fun and interesting. Sometimes the fast action controls are hard to hit dead on and alot of the controls can be described as waggle perhaps. Though waggle feels much much different when it results in ripping out a guys heart or chain sawing some hapless fool in half. I do have some issue with picking up items. Sometimes it feels like you just can’t pick up exactly what you want unless you perfectly align yourself with the object.

It should be said that this game is no walk in the park it offers real challenge for even the most seasoned gamer. Boss battles take alot of thinking and timing and while individual grunts are not too hard it gets difficult in later levels where they have a habit of chasing you down and ganging up on you. Also they throw in big dudes as almost ever present mini bosses to slow you down and to take down your lives.

On the topic of your lives they are not too plentiful and once you die you redo the whole arena level. Not too much of an issue but I was personally astonished at how underused this kind of game mechanic is these days.

Sound and audio are both great and slightly annoying at the same time. The kicking hiphop soundtrack feels a little lame when you listen to the lyrics. Not to mention with single levels lasting 20 minutes at times can become repetitive. The same can be said for the deathwatch announcers. The comments seem to be keyed to certain actions and many are actions done over and over again. It should be noted... expect swearing from these commentators alot of it.

As humor goes this is the definition of blue humor. Greg Proops(whose line is it anyway) and John Dimaggio(he played Bender on futurama) make a great team to describe the events going on in the game. I loved every bit of it laughing so hard I had to stop playing at times. However, after you hit time 8 of the joke it gets a wee bit old. However the music and the commentators can be turned down or turned off individually so if it bothers ya too much you can always mute it.

Story is one of those things I didn't think about when picking it up but the story has a great arc and comes to a wonderfully great conclusion. It adds more to the package and really brings this game up a few notches. The style of comics shows through and it feels like a well written motion comic at times. Also whoever the guy is who voiced spike in cowboy bebop is the voice of jack and for me made me feel right at home immediately in the over the top story. Expect some interesting commentary on games and in society as a whole.

Overall this is still a fantastic game and despite some tricky motion maneuvers, slightly repetitive music and banter it is a really fantastic wii title. Story is solid, gameplay is endless and it generally beams quality. In and out it is a great and worthy title for any gamer looking to “dust off their wii”(kinda hate that phrase). Every gamer who believes in their wii needs to pick this up purely so we can have more titles of this caliber. I doubt you’ll be disappointed once you get it home, boot it up and start killing like some over the top psycho killer.

I give this a 9.5 out of 10

So much to do the gameplay possibilities are endless.
Unique and beautiful the graphics are the icing on the cake.
Though some aspects are slightly grating it does well regardless. Not perfect but still greatly enjoyable
Fun Factor
If you consider endless over the top violence with witty and hilarious commentary fun. Then this is totally a 10.
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addnewman4211d ago

shnazzy that was the first user review ive read on n4g and it was a great one and well done no spoilers!!! lol XP seeing as this hasnt come out over in the uk yet it comes out next friday ill be getting it then day 1 :P (oh yh ill get my cod waw:fc to u soon, havent been playing it much, got dead rising wii its really good just completed it and ready to own sum noobs agen wiv ya ;) )

SinnedNogara4210d ago

Shannzyone, nice review

However, I did like the rap soundtrack's sound, but don't really care about the lyrics. The rap makes sense.

Just like the hip-hop intro for Street Fighter IV.

FinalomegaS4211d ago

seeing how I've been playing and redoing some of the first levels now I have a better grip of the "how to and where to kill the mobs" it's even more fun.

Shnazz is right, the game is no walk in the parc, and I'm only on normal with a much harder difficulty waiting after I finish it =/

great review, camera isn't bad. Most of us probably played a 3rd person game where you had toclick to line the camera behind you.

Only issue i have with the game,no block?

addnewman4209d ago

i wouldnt be bothered much with the no block, i never block in ssbb nd i still own xD