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User Review : LostWinds

Worth the price for the game play but not worth the price for the length.

LostWinds was on of the first WiiWare games launched.

You play as a boy named Tokku(? correct me if im wrong) he meets a wind spirit named Emil trying to reclaim his powers and stopping a monster that he put away many years ago.

The game at first looks boring you have to give it a chance. Now the controls are....debatable it IS a platformer but there is no Jump button what so ever you use the wind to jump (hold the a button and draw a line up with the wiimote) Which is frustrating at first but then becomes easy to pull off, also everytime you use one of your wind techniques the game goes into this somewhat bullet time effect for you to pull of the correct strokes of what you want to do which is good. The game is also one big puzzle game you will have to open doors to eventually find a shrine or a chest. Action is little to none in the game there are these black blob like creatures in the game called Blorbs(or blorgs can't remember). Most of the initial ones can be tossed with wind or crushed by boulders, later in the game you get you use your wind powers to draw elements of water and fire on to your enemies to damage them. Thats pretty much what you do as the game progresses.

The 3 most defining factors that will make you not buy this game is

1. It is a 3-4 hour game...tops I mean there really is not much to do but just go through the game. No minigames, no bonus after game completion stuff no re-playability what so ever.

2. There is one ONE boss in the game at the very end which is extremely easy and not only that after you beat the game in the final credits it even says on its on screen "To be continued" so you could just wait for them to release them all then download them just so you wont have to wait.

3. The final reason is that it is easy I'm talking really easy once you get a hold of the controls and gain access to new powers you can blow through this game in one sitting.

So yeah awesome new elements for this 2-d/3-d platform puzzle game and very unique with a very ambient soundtrack. If you think it is worth the $10, buy it.


[N4G Edit]: This review was originally posted on my Gamespot profile on September 12th 2008

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