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User Review : LittleBigPlanet

  • Always new content being made from users{Make your own level{Fresh innovation, creative gameplay
  • P2P connection causes rather laggy online play{Plane changing issues

After a while after its release, LBP has aged well.

To begin with, when I first heard of the game, I had no interest whatsoever. Then hearing more about it made me think it was stupider, I was a big enough twat to say side scrollers were lame on a forum, but I was wrong.

After playing it at my friends house, I decided to get it for my birthday which I do not regret.
Its one of those games that once your into it, it sucks your full attention for a long time whether you are creating your masterpiece or playing story levels.
It was originally a PSN game and was originally designed to have only one plane, but after Sony's eye caught its attention, the game become what we know of it today.

To begin, the story levels is actually one of the best part of the game. I found it extremely exciting and rewarding to find all prize bubbles and at times frustrating to ace them. The story levels are extremely innovative and fun, which is the main thing, the developers have created inspiration levels that demonstrate good use of in game tools and possible combinations to be explored. They are rather short but the game intends you to replay the level with more players to unlock certain prizes or to get prizes by using switches recovered in later levels. Mixed with bosses, vehicles its all extremely entertaining. I found having survival challenges were extremely fun also, the levels have different themes and challenges making the levels feel fresh.

The level creation mode is extremely slick also, it does take a bit to get used to because it is somewhat complicated, but as it turns out, its a good thing as you will be amazed what you can create with a set number of tools. Making a level can be rewarding if good feedback is given and if this is your cup of tea, you'll love it. However, people that aren't that interested in creating will be missing out on a very large part of the game, but also will still have plenty of content to enjoy. The mode is really as much as you make it.

The community part of the game is great, here you can play levels created by other players and at the front of the page, being the most popular. This part of the game makes it have extremely good re playability. Levels are created every day which mean endless levels to play.
If you thought the game couldn't get more creative, costumes can be mixed and matched, or even custom made with stickers and objects. You can also decorate your pod.

The graphics are slick, not top of the line at all and the game doesn't rely on this, but they are adequate. The game is presented well in a very unique artist style which Media Molecule has excelled in. Everything about the game oozes creativity, with customization of yourself, your levels and even your pod.

The sounds are great, although there is a small selection of sounds, I found them to set the mood well, choosing your own music and sound effects for your level are in depth and add dimension.
The controls can be a little bitchy for some,they need some practice but once I got used to them, they were second nature. The largest problem is changing planes, the three 3D planes which change automatically at appropriate times.
I also have to mention, its not a kids game, later on the game, the levels get extremely hard, not to mention acing them all is a tough challenge. I cannot imagine a 7 year old or even a 10 year old finishing the game.
Also with the introduction of our good friend 'Down loadable content' there are always costumes, level kits and upgrades being made to Little Big Planet.

Overall, a great PS exclusive, I recommend definitely checking it out if you haven't. Worth the full price I paid for and I'm definitely not selling this game.

Simple but effective, typical side scrolling with 3 planes, but with the funky tools and challenging puzzles media molecule has concocted, the game requires skill and concentration.
Sharp, few jagged textures but no problems here. The game isn't meant to boast good graphics but they surely do suffice.
Not a large factor but its songs in most levels create good atmosphere, in ghost levels there's 'spooky' music, in green levels there's happy music etc.
Fun Factor
More fun than a human brain can possibly comprehend from speculating the game. A lot more fun than it looks, great with mates and new friends online.
The community part of the game makes it, the creation, playing others levels, playing with others, this IS online gaming. Except for the P2P networking causing lag.
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Milky3396d ago

aah you make me want to play it again :)

goflyakite3395d ago

"LBP has aged well" is an understatement. This game gets better with time because the community levels get better everyday. If you look at some of the levels now you'd think it was MM creating them.

3394d ago
Digitaldude3372d ago

Bit late reply but yeah it has aged excellent as you say. Some levels are amazing.

Level making is rather niche.