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User Review : LittleBigPlanet

  • Amazing user-made content &
  • delivery{Great addictive gameplay{Appeals to a wide range of audiences
  • Online play has some issues{A little control issue that involves switching between panes

"The content just keeps getting better.."

LittleBigPlanet, touted as the PS3's biggest game in 2008 - which yes, i would agree with if Metal Gear Solid 4 had not come out that year.

It, however was the most important game to come out in 2008 and could be the most important game to come out on the consoles so far this generation, it brought user generated content to those who were always too intimidated to get into user-generated content in games due to the complexity of the tools and the lack of help available to those interested.

One word, amazing! While it is quite a technical accomplishment, it isn't a killzone 2 impressive. The thing that makes the graphics great is mostly the art style. Yes, it may look like a childs game at first glance, but this is the great thing about LittleBigPlanet - you can make it look how you want - for example, if you played through the user-made Dead space level you wouldn't call it a childs game again. It has wide appeal and the art style is completely unique to LittleBigPlanet.

Another place LittleBigPlanet excells in, it has a licensed soundtrack - but isn't anything you'll find playing on the radio. The soundtrack, even though not created specifically for LittleBigPlanet - sounds like it was, if that makes sense? It is catchy and really keeps with the mood of the game.

There are loads of tutorials in the game, all voiced by stephen fry - a voice many people recognise, even if they don't know who's it is. Fits really well with the game and makes sure that a wide range of people can understand it.

This is a side scrolling 2.5D platformer, however it isn't your typical side scrolling platformer, it is physics based. While this may throw some people off to completely hating the game, for me - this is what makes it great, it makes you calculate your moves and generally is fun to mess around with.

One of the great things to come out of the user-generated side of things is that this gameplay is used in all different ways, you may not even see your sackboy and it may not even feel like your sackboy is even there, it could be your sackboy playing a large user-created tetris or pinball game - the huge variety of amazing things that have been done by the community is amazing.

There is one negative i can comment on, which is the controls - now they're fine 90% of the time, but when it comes to switching between the 3 panes on the levels it can feel unresponsive, depending on what you are doing when you are trying to change panes. It is a small annoyance that i wish they would tweak through a patch or something, but after a while you get used to.

There isn't much of a real story, there is one there but that isn't the point of the game. There are around 60 pre built levels on the disc with most of them being story ones, however there are some great little mini games. Anyway, the way i see it - is that the story is mainly to show you what is possible on the game or just to have to some great co-op fun on.

The levels show off the amazing creativity behind the level designers at media molecule and really show what the game is capable of, even if some of the user made levels have even shown the developers what the game is actually capable of.

On the story levels, you can find "Prize bubbles", these prize bubbles includes items which can be construction material to build your own levels with or clothes for your sackboy to wear, either way - for some odd reason, even if you're just playing it for fun, they are really fun to collect.

The user-generated content delivery method is single handly the best i've seen on ANY game, not just console games, ALL GAMES.

All uploaded content is displayed on a planet, you can scroll through the planets, you can use search filters with the most popular, most hearted (favourited), highest rated etc etc. It used to be over crowded with rubbish, but all the best stuff now is all pushed to the front with the rubbish being thrown to the back.

Now, actual online play - this seems to rely totally on the hosts connection so you can come across very laggy games if you join one that is already in progress, it seems to send all the physics data (which is very intensive) all at once to try help your PS3 catch up with where everything is.

However, if their connection is good it will catch up pretty quickly then the lag will go away. If you join a level at the same time as the host and their connection is good, then you shouldn't have any lag problems either.

Actual play online is a great laugh, slapping other sackboys around never gets old. Like explained above, gameplay can be pretty much anything, along with puzzles that require more than one player, so co-op comes into this and is great.

This game had alot of hype, and as far as i am concerned it delivered 100%. The game is great fun and with all the updates, it just keeps getting better - there are the hardcore players that pump out all the great content and there are the casual players who just play the hardcore players levels.

The content just keeps getting better and will continue to, this game will live on for years. Highly recommended.

Fun Factor
Lost a few marks due to the online play issues, but gained alot due to how well it works - when it works and how well the user-generated content is handled.
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thor3453d ago

Yeah totally agree here... LBP just continues to get better and better. My creative drive never lets up (even though few people play my levels) and the community is going strong. It's one of those games that I hype up for myself, knowing that it'll be awesome, and then it comes around and it 100% lives up to the hype. Now if only they could focus more on DLC like the creator pack and the MGS pack, rather than just costumes, and I'll be really happy.

Dannehkins3453d ago

Great review Deathrow ;)