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User Review : LittleBigPlanet

  • Gameplay{Online{Make your own maps
  • Story Mode short{Difficult to unlock tools for map making{Some bubbles chalenging

Plain out simple if you liked the mario games like mario 64 youll love this game

ALthough Mario 64 was longer than this game this games has so many more obsicles to overcome as well as many new and different features. Some of the prize bubbles are quite difficult to get however thats the fun of it, its just an extra challenge placed into the game. And when you get bored of the story mode you can go online and play some user created maps and people can make almost any type of map. I went on the other day and i acctually found a map with a working tank machine gun and regular gun to kill villans. This games story mode is just the beginning their are litteraly endless possiblities of what can be done with this game and making your own maps is great too. I highly reccomend getting this game if you like the kinds of games where you have to jump around and do whatever to beat levels. The online for this game is out of this world. YOu can go in and invite up to 4 friends to join you in your pod. Once everyone joins you can eithier play online with other people playing that level or just by yourselfs. Plus you can text chat or talk with your headset to your friends its great. Also if you have the rumble controller it completly changes the game because wether your dying or falling it rumbles and makes the game so much more realistic. I also enjoy the fact that you can completly customize your sackboy to your full potential, such as put a tv on his head or just simply a baseball cap. and you can change the materials that he is made of. THe only flaw to this game which isnt a terrible thing but you have to beat story mode to have much to work with to make your own levels.

THe onyl reason this isnt a 10 is because i feel the story mode could have been alittle longer
The graphics on this game are great even though they are only 720P you can still see the details on everything
THe songs are excellent and so catchy you may catch yourself singing along
Fun Factor
This game is extremly fun and very addictive
The online is so good as long as your internet connection is fine it will feel like they are sitting right next to you
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hippo243549d ago

Little big planet was fun but 10/10?