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User Review : Limbo

  • Nearly unmatched art stlye
  • Amazing level design
  • Amazing level design
  • Not much incentive to replay it

As vague as it is beautiful.

Questions; several of them to be more precise. This endlessly dark, Burton-esque indie game is always surrounded in mystery. Nothing substantial is ever given about Limbo; all you know is that you're a little boy in search of your sister. The rescue mission itself may not even be as straight-forward as it could be possibly understood.

What's his name?; Where is he exactly?; How did he get there?; Is this just a dream? These are just some of the prevalent questions through out the 4-hour-odyssey. Limbo's world reeks of a pungently-isolated-atmosphere. The constant feeling of being alone remains thick through the whole game. Cleverly, the environment is always much larger than you, and just as lethal. There is rarely any music leaving most of the sound design in the game to be comprised of ambient noises machinery. This makes the game almost infinitely unsettling. It builds upon the loneliness of the game and adds fear, because at any moment, you can be killed. Swiftly and gruesomely. There are also other creatures that add to the loneliness,fear and sheer hostility. They want you dead and nothing else.

At it's core it is puzzler, but in practice, it feels like much more than that. The animation in Limbo is nearly unmatched.
Every thing has a strange sense of weight and importance.
Each step the boy takes looks so artfully thought-out that it's more akin to a silent noire film than a game. The platforming puzzles are inventive and eerily organic. The is something strangely impressive about how logical the puzzles can be. If you were to apply what you do to the puzzles in reality and in the game can often be one in the same. It's 4 hours of ingeniously designed game.It feels like one huge experience or sequence rather than the specific, unrelated puzzles.

Limbo is simply a masterpiece. So may look at its 15 dollar price tag and claim it's over-priced and pompous, but it is one of the most important games this generation.

Proves that polygons don't need do be pushed to the brink in order to have a visually stunning game.
There isn't much of it. That's the brilliance of it.It really does enrich the atmosphere, but I do wish more the music was played more often at times.
Genius, organic puzzles. All the puzzles combine to make a satisfyingly cohesive experience.
Fun Factor
The game is fun, but not in a conventional sense. The atmosphere and mood suck you in and never let go.
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Paradise Lost3212d ago

Im hoping for the price to drop at 800 points. I mean it looks and plays well, but if there isn't any replayability to it...the value should go down as well.