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User Review : Left 4 Dead

  • great fun with friends{intriguing classes of infected{extremely smooth gameplay
  • extreme lack of depth{point and shoot gameplay gets repetive{lack of weapons

Left 4 Dead lacks value

Valves zombie holocaust shooter is by all accounts an incredibly fun game. It runs smoother than most shooters, especially considering the number of enemies on screen at once. The campaigns are intriguing enough, but all is not well with the acclaimed game in my eyes. Once you get past the the initial impressions of this game you'll find yourself wondering, "What is left?".

The 4 campaigns take roughly an hour a piece depending on your style of play which means the campaign portion of this game can be completed in under 6 hours easily. The multiplayer versus mode is also there as an attempt to keep you playing, but in my eyes fails.

There is no variety in maps between campaign and versus. The only this different really is the fact that there are 4 people on the opposite team playing as infected. While this seems like an interesting time, in my experiences it ended up being repetitive and boring.

Once the maps are learned the skilled infected always go to the same few hot spots in each map, and the skilled survivors know exactly where to look. This happens in every online game but due to the linear structure of Left 4 Dead's maps it really kills the game play after a few days.

While I found Left 4 Dead incredibly enjoyable for the first few days I then began seeing another side to it. After the shine wears off of Left 4 Dead you begin to see that there isn't much there. With limited scenarios, and limited weaponry, the stereotypical player characters, you begin to wonder if this title is worth $60.

In my eyes it is not, I'm sure some others would disagree, but this game offers very little meat. It is as bare bones as you can get, an instant gratification shooter to occupy short attention spans.

I do regret paying the full $60 for this game, however had it been released as a budget title for $40-$45 I think my views would change. All in all left 4 dead is a fun game to play with friends, but don't expect to be playing it for more than a week.

Extremely smooth, however the lack of an aiming system beyond a simple reticule is annoying. You will learn to just take friendly fire.
Very well done in most cases, however this title is beginning to date the source engine. The graphics aren't really up there with today's class titles.
Sound effects are good, but the dialog and banter between characters gets repetitive and some of it is extremely cheesy.
Fun Factor
Fun for the first few hours, and then it goes down hill
Online multiplayer didn't really grasp me, very little depth ad extremely repetitive
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Fangus4250d ago

There's a reason most people trust Valve, it's because they usually deliver eventually and have excellent customer service. More maps are coming (To PC anyway) so don't worry

TheColbertinator4250d ago

Good review.I don't agree with the score though

Arnon4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Agreed. The online functionality in my eyes is a 9-10. It is what makes this game so addicting. The Gameplay would be a 9 to me. One of the few shooters to be so fast paced and still be able to hold up and deliver the thrill experience. The fun factor to me would also be about a 8.5 to 9. I do agree though that after a while, it can get repetitive. Which is why we are all eagerly awaiting some sexy DLC to add to this great gem.

Lifendz4249d ago

maybe on a standard def tv. The graphics were flat out ugly. For a game like this to come out on a next gen console is just plain sad. I'd give the graphics a 5.

Jinxstar4248d ago

I agree. I went from my PC to my friends to play on 360... PC is a lot more polished...