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User Review : L.A. Noire

  • Motion Capture Technology
  • Variety Of Cases
  • DLC
  • Lack Of Activities
  • No Multiplayer

Game Review: L.A. Noire

-| Basic |-

L.A. Noire is a open world, third person shooter game publish by Rockstar and developed by Team Bondi. The game was release on May 17, 2011 for the systems of Playstation and Xbox 360.

-| Ratings |-

Gamespot gave the game a 9/10 making it another Rockstar game to get high scores. IGN gave the game a 8.5 which is still a good score. I liked the reviews that L.A. Noire had and am not the type gamer who buys games on what the reviewing websites have to say, but we still have to read to see if other people enjoyed the game or not.

-| Story |-

Is the 1940's and you play as Cole Phelps (main character) an LAPD officer and ex marine who won the silver star and was giving the glory of being a true war hero, but you get the feeling that Cole feels he is not worth it of having that honor. You start of in the Traffic Desk and you work your self to the top of the LAPD by solving crimes. Am not going to spoiled anything about the story, so i will be keeping this part of the review short.

-| Gameplay |-

Is an open world game created by Rockstar and you are expecting to do what ever you want in the beautiful recreated city of Lon Angeles, but that is not the case in this game. You get to drive to the crime locations and do certain street crimes and that is about everything you can do in this "Open World' that rockstar calls it.

Desk: You have four desk to complete in the game and those are Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson. Each desk is composed of multiple cases that at the end have a bigger story than you tough it was.

Cases: Each crime is different every time, you find clues at the scene of the crime and almost every location that you visit during a case, that lead into questioning to find out who committed the crime. The most of important factor of the game is the new motion capture technology that Rockstar used in this game, you have to look very careful to the persons face that you are interrogating, because you have to be able to tell if the person is lying or telling the truth. Also if you miss any clues in a location or get any questions wrong during an interrogation the case changes and can have an alternative ending.

Street Crimes: A total of 40 street crimes are needed for the 100% completion of the game. Each desk has a total of 10 and sometimes the crimes can get a bit repetitive.

Ranks: XP is earned by discovering new landmarks, solving crimes, correctly branch questions during an interrogation. The top rank is 20 and as you move up the ranks new outfits are unlocked and something called intuition points are awarded, that can be used during interrogations to eliminate a wrong option.

-| Graphics |-

The city and its people look amazing in this game, if you look at the comparisons of the actual actors and the video game you will be amazed at the result. I don't really have much to say about how great the game looks and to me this is one of the best looking games you can find.

-| Multiplayer and DLC |-

This is going to be one of the down for me since the game does not have multiplayer, but the DLC kind of makes up for it. Rockstar is releasing new cases to be solved in the game for the price of 9.99 for all of the DLC to come in the future.

-| Voice and Music |-

The voice acting is fantastic in the game, when a person is mad or sad you can feel the words that they are saying. That's how good the voice acting is and you can recognize some familiar actors in the game as well. The music is classic from the 1940's style and it just gives the game a bit of excitement just cruising the streets of Los Angeles with the Radio music playing.

-| Overall |-

Overall the game is great and if i had to give it a score i say a 9/10 just for the fact that it had a good story and the gameplay was fun. Is not a perfect game, because well when people buy games this generation they expect the game to have multiplayer. Overall i had alot of fun playing the game, music was great, graphics are amazing, and the game is simply fantastic.

Fun Factor

12 Years Later, L.A. Noire is Still an Excellent Experience

There was a lot to love about Rockstar and Team Bondi's 2011 open world title.

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shinoff218371d ago

One I never finished. I've been looking at the ps4 version off Amazon the last few months just never bit

Knightofelemia70d ago

It's worth playing LA Noire is one of my favorite Rockstar games. But I would also check out pawnshops or thrift stores if you want the game dirt cheap. Someone may have been dumb enough to dump the game.

andy8570d ago

Baffles me when people have these opinions about acclaimed games 😂

RhinoGamer8871d ago

100% agree... not perfect, but an engaging/refreshing experience.

sagapo71d ago

Agree, at time of release those facial expressions were amazing! They still hold strong even today imo.
The game on its own was good. Something fresh, but sidequests were a bit meh after a while.

Nacho_Z71d ago

I picked it up on sale recently, going to play it next summer. I'll get more out of it this time, first time around I treated the open world like it was GTA and goofed about, whereas now I'll play it with more respect. RDR2 has trained me well.

I also hadn't read Raymond Chandler at the time so presumably that'll add another layer of enjoyment too.

1nsomniac71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Absolutely stunning game. So underrated. Played through it again last year and it still stands up so well. Like many of rockstars games it’s actually a far better experience on PC. I didn’t enjoy it as much on console. Completed it at least 3 times on pc.

The rumours of a sequel are awesome news despite the fact I think Rockstar are now the shell of the company they once were.

SyntheticForm70d ago

Team Bondi made a hell of a game.

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jznrpg456d ago

Historically accurate from the past is tough to truly know and judge especially the farther you go back because history is written from the people in power and doesn’t mean it’s the truth just the narrative they wanted to tell.

I don’t care about historically accurate in most games because they are games not biographies or history books . Just make the game fun , good gameplay and such .

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L.A. Noire Is Still The Ultimate Detective Experience

MotionScan technology is still a technical marvel.

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ZeekQuattro599d ago

Objection sustained. N4G please disregard this article.

chicken_in_the_corn599d ago

This game was so far ahead of it's time. I'd like to see a sequel and what they do with modern consoles.

1nsomniac599d ago

Great game and still holds up better than some games today

Knightofelemia598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

This is one of my favorite Rockstar games next to RDR and Bully I so wish LA Noire gets a sequel.