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User Review : Kinect

  • It tracks you really well 1 or 2 players
  • Calibration and set up is easy
  • great features with unlimited potential
  • Kinect Hub is sparce
  • distance needed

I would give it a 10 out of 10 and I feel one day it will be there but

I have had Kinect for around a week now. I was looking for one but they were sold out but I like lucked up at a Gametop and was able to get one. I have seen a few shipments of bundles come and go but I only needed the Kinect itself.

Set up was very easy. I hooked it up in like 5 minutes while my wife watched Judge Judy. I turned it on and the 360 immediastely went into an update and calibration. I have heard alot of people talk about the distance thing with kinect, what you need to remember is that the camera wants to be able to see your head and your feet when it tilts up and down.

Calibration is very important, its the difference between a this cool performance to a wow performance. You are also suppose to calibrate it for different times of the day. This may sound like a lot but not really it does this so that it recognizes you in any conditions and it stores the condition settings. The sound calibration is genius. I especially like it because I have used software like this before and never saw it being used this way for something like this.

I was a little disappointed in the fact that Kinect has its own specific hub for browsing and it currently doesnt have evrything I use on xboxlive there. But the things they have there work really well, in fact the Zune browser is better than the regular one. Despite what you may hear the controls are very responsive.

I started with some Kinect Adventures and I was a little skeptical on how it would work so i played it and enjoyed it but I played it very gingerly I was scared it would lose me or mis interprt someting. The same thing with Kinect Sports, when I was playing Table Tennis it worked but I felt myself holding back. Let me just say I was wrong.

After I increased levels in each game I started realizing that I needed to move faster and more dynamic I couldnt play it gingerly or i would lose, it worked perfect and never missed a beat. You are really represented in a 3d space. I thought that if I needed to jump and move to the right I would have to jump an move to the right, instead I found I could just jump at an angle to the right. Little things like in boxing you bob and weave and it makes you harder to hit make you really see how far they could take this. Me and my wife played it didnt miss a beat with both of us.

I played some demos and have the same conclusion. The games work. Just like regualr games some better than other but once you get past the learning curve its second nature. They did a great job at integrating the technology. I would give it a 10 out of 10 and I feel one day it will be there but with the chopped down Kinect hub and lack of any games with true core appeal had to dock some points.

Basically the parts are there they just have to use them.

Some games look better than other but on average they look good.
No issues with sound
Very responsive not 1:1 but it tracks everything fast and dynamic
Fun Factor
Crazy fun as long as you dont mind getting up and moving
Great online features like Kinect video chat, but needs full xboxlive support.
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NecrumSlavery3833d ago

this is a poor review, but at least you are happy with your purchase

SiteNblog Defender3833d ago

Why is it a poor review? Because he didn't give it a low score?

gamerdude1323833d ago

Really? Cause this actual reviewer thinks it's a good review and very well thought out.

I may not ever want a Kinect cause of my hardcore gaming sensibilities, but I can recognize a good review when I see it and I'm seeing it.

LordMarius3833d ago

you gave 10s to Splinter Cell and Castlevania,
you are not a very good reviewer imo

Organization XII3832d ago

you suck at reviews, kinect is 0/10 in my book of reviews

bunfighterii3833d ago

So are there any games for Kinect that aren't for little kids?

bunfighterii3831d ago

How can I get disagrees for a question?

EVO-OM3GA3830d ago

Are there any MOVE games that arent for kids?

BattleAxe3829d ago

Socom 4, Killzone 3, Resident Evil 5 and MAG just to name four hardcore games off the top of my head.

ActionBastard3833d ago

The amount of time it takes to navigate using Kinect is astounding. Yelling for voice recog to work is janky. The potential is great, however, I'm 33. Not a game out for Kinect I can care about or want to play, let alone MUST play.

Moonboots3832d ago

I've been able to practically whisper and it works. Granted the lower you talk the quieter the room needs to be.. I just say "sexbox" (try it, it works) in my sexy whisper voice and it just begs for the next command.

So far I would give Kinect an 8.5/10 but mainly due to the games out right now and the lack of full dashboard support for it.

manumit3831d ago

nice one man, i'm glad your enjoying it. I think it's an awesome buy.

dukegodtezza3831d ago

a lot beter than i was thinkin im really Impressed

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