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User Review : inFamous: Second Son

  • Graphics are stunning
  • Much improved storytelling
  • Repetitive powers
  • Morality system could be expanded

Couldn't have done it without you... Oh wait, I already did.

Just like Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch have quite a cult following of Playstation fans; stemming back to the PS2 era with the Sly Cooper franchise. I personally wouldn't put them as quite on par with Naughty Dog - even though I played Sly Cooper to death and likewise with InFamous 1 & 2. Which makes it quite the surprise when SP deliver arguably the first out and out system seller for PS4.

Fast forward a few years from the events of InFamous 2 and conduits are now labelled as bio-terrorists with the Brooke Augustine capturing them off the streets to Curdun Cay. The protoganist is now longer Cole MacGrath but one Delsin Rowe - a graffiti artist and essentially a delinquent of the Akomish tribe. Predictably, after a very nice intro, Delsin gets his first power in Smoke and the story is well and truly underway.

What Sucker Punch does very well this time around is their storytelling, which has improved since the original Infamous and markedly so. The cutscenes are much smoother, the voice acting is top notch and the comic book scenes are well placed. However, there are times when it goes amiss. The story exceeds when its focussing on the dynamic between Delsin and his brother, Reggie, something that Sucker Punch could have delved a lot further into.

With Reggie being a cop and Delsin naturally being more of a rogue, the interplay between them is interesting and should have been touched on further. This is also touched upon with other characters that pop up in the story. Unfortunately, this often takes a back-seat and is replaced with the bigger picture of Delsin going after Brooke Augustine. A little less focus on that side of the story and more of a focus on the interaction between Delsin and his fellow companions would have been of immense benefit, with certain characters seemingly only being important for a few missions at most. Aside from that, the story is well executed.

In terms of graphics, the game is stunning. From the first sequence in the game when you look at the sunset in the horizon to when you're running along a street noticing the real time reflections in puddles, the game impresses. Character expressions in cutscenes are excellent and the particle effects in the game are truly impressive - I found myself draining smoke sometimes purely to look at the movement of the smoke particles. If this game doesn't excite you for the future of PS4 graphics this generation, nothing will!

There are, however, occasional dips in performance. At an unlocked 30FPS, the game can sometimes be buttery smooth. It can also be ugly. Setting off multiple explosions at once can sometimes incur quite a big drop in frame-rate which, in a game that normally runs so nicely, is jarring. These events are infrequent, but by no means rare. To compound this, if you really concentrate, you can notice regular split-second hiccups in the game when you're moving through the open world at full speed. Luckily, I could switch off from this and not notice, but there are people who get very annoyed at it.

Gameplay wise, the mechanics from previous games have been fine-tuned once more. Moving around the city is MUCH faster and easier and the feeling of being a true superhero badass remains. Unfortunately, the variety in the powers is minimal and is somewhere Sucker Punch almost dropped the ball. All of the powers are simply slight variations of one another, something that's extremely puzzling. If SP were going to go to the lengths of creating four different powers, then at least make them completely unique with bigger learning curves. This aspect seem somewhat rushed and the main downside. Additionally, it's baffling how you can't just powers on the fly. As it stands, the power source for that particular power has to be drained for it to be used. Which means you have to search for a power source instead of, say, pressing the right arrow button to change it up. The possibilities in combat with switching between the powers like this was something I was excited about when I picked up the game and is something that disappointed. Understandable if it was a multiplayer game, but in a single-player game were SP really that worried about it making combat too easy?

One way in which Second Son is arguably less accomplished than its predecessors is its morality system. This seemed to take somewhat more of a backseat in this game than the previous ones and is another aspect of the game that is somewhat repetitive apart from a few select choices. Again, something that SP could have perhaps put more thought into. On the plus side, the Good and Evil side of Delsin are much more better supported this time around than in previous games, with Delsin becoming more of an anti-hero than a villain. This character perfectly, and probably would have suited Cole well too.

However, these issues are minor. As a package, Second Son is an incredible game. Sucker Punch have created arguably the best game on PS4 available. Seattle as a city is alive and teeming with activity and having superpowers has never felt so great. Do yourself a favour and pick this game up.

Stunning with incredible particle effects. Occasional frame-rate hiccups.
Voice acting is superb and the soundtrack sets the tone well.
Somewhat repetitive but its the InFamous we know and love.
Fun Factor
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Clown_Syndr0me1715d ago

IM only 2 hrs in but so far I think this game is crap.
Don't get me wrong I think the graphics are nice, the DS4 controls are used well, and the characters are likeable, funny and even beleiveable. You are right when you say the voice acting is superb, its the best Ive seen in a while.
Irs the gameplay. So far I am so bored of the combat already, and I feel like this sort of game has been made so many times it feels old. It feels like an updated Crackdown/Saints Row 4 to me.
As I said Im only 2hrs in, so I couldn't possibly score it yet. IM planning to platinum it then re-evaluate...

mll091715d ago

Stick with it. Gets much better once you start upgrading your powers and getting new ones.

Clown_Syndr0me1715d ago

IM about 4 hrs in, and it has got better. I am enjoying it, but I don't think its quite as groundbreaking as people have made it out to be.

Its getting more interesting as I go along though with the powers, and I really like the inovative DS4 control ideas. Other games don't seem to use it at all.

lex-10201705d ago

In my opinion Smoke was the worst power. I hated everytime I was forced to use it. To felt so weak and clunky that I didn't enjoy it. Playing as good Delsin I felt like Neon fit that style the best and Video fit the style of evil Delsin the best. Smoke just seemed boring and not very useful.