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User Review : inFamous: Second Son

  • Graphics
  • Controls
  • Delsin
  • Content
  • Moral System
  • Generic Story

The Bar Has Been Raised.

Here it is, the PS4 home-run, the grand-slam to owning the console. The crème de la crème of open world games...or is it just a game with a decent story and much filler?

Going head first into inFamous was amazing. I could NOT believe how great the game controlled. It was the smoothest 3rd person game I've played to date and you could tell that Sucker Punch put a lot of time into the controls alone. Jumping off games like Grand Theft Auto V and Assassins Creed IV, I knew that inFamous had some pretty stiff competition and it delivered!

inFamous Second Son stars a wreckless and rebellious 24 year old boy (I say that because that's what he is) named Delsin. He believes he is above all else and should be treated as such. You start the game off by practically getting arrested by your brother. I want to make this review spoiler free so I will be talking little about the story and more about the game as a whole. The story here is of typical super hero fashion. Young man gets powers and must choose to use them for good or for selfishness plain and simple. That may be generic but the way the story is told is pretty gripping and keeps you itching for more.

inFamous Second Son is the best looking open world game I've seen to date. Sucker Punch has put a lot of time and effort into Delsin and it shows with no cutbacks. That being said you can look at most of the citizens and see the lack of dedication to them (which is to be expected). Most of the story characters you meet along the way are met with similar fidelity as Delsin and I believe that's more important than worrying about the street walkers. The city is amazing, the water ripples with every rain drop, Seattle comes alive at night, the neon lights, the smoke, the particles in general are jaw dropping at times, the attention to detail sets a new standard for games in general, but more importantly Open World games. I have to commend Sucker Punch for such an amazing feat. IT blows me away how good everything in this game looks, this is the most polished title I've seen to date. Particle effects, weather, day/night cycles, its all amazing. I could go on and on about how good this game looks but I encourage you to play it for yourself. No screenshots, Gameplay footage or even direct feeds will give you the satisfaction.

Everything is there, from the sound of cars blaring music, to the buzzing from the Neon Lights to the explosions of Delsin's Orbital Drop its all great. The soundtrack works very well fitting the game to perfection. Voice acting is done very well for the most part. I think Troy Baker did a fantastic Job at portraying the rebellious 24 year old, every emotion he portrayed is felt by his voice and you react properly. There are some technical glitches with the sound I've encountered especially if you're using surround sound, like gun sounds fading when they are shooting right in front of you, explosions not sounding as dynamic or crippling as it should. Its a slight annoyance but easily looked past over everything else.

As I mentioned before, I have never played a game like this, that felt this good until now. Even playing the snot out of the first 2 games I still think that Sucker Punch has a hit here with gameplay. Everything not only works, it all makes sense and it works well. The content however is where I start to see cracks in what could have been perfection. I am currently on my second playthrough of the game and as I write this I cant help but realize how much this is more along the lines of a game like Spiderman than a game like Grand Theft Auto and that might damage peoples thoughts. There is about 12-15 hours worth of stuff to do in the game but only about 6 hours is the main story, while all the rest of the stuff is repetitive micro missions to fill in the gaps. Along the lines of Spiderman saving a civilian from a group of thugs just to add padding. inFamous Second Son relies heavily on that exact thing (padding). When I was playing this game it felt more claustrophobic than I wanted it to, very limiting in all that you can do. I expected this going in but a lot of others might have expected something more, and its simply not there. I love the game, but it all ended too quickly for me and that could be considered a flaw but with the Paper Trail missions and DLC I can't wait to see what is left for me to do in inFamous Second Son. I loved all of Delsins Powers and I wont go and spoil any of them for you. I will say this. My favorite Karma move was in fact the Orbital Drop just wait til you do it!

There is some what of an online portion of the game called Paper Trail. I will post this from the official site. "inFAMOUS Paper Trail is a FREE bonus extension for the PlayStation®4 exclusive game: inFAMOUS Second Son™ that expands the universe and gameplay by weaving seamlessly on and beyond your PS4™ system. Players will pursue missions online and in game to unravel the mysteries behind the Department of Unified Protection, its director, Brooke Augustine, and the cover-up of a violent suicide through a time-released story."
As you can see they have found a way to make a single player game rely on the internet and I think this is an amazing way to keep the game going for a bit. Its nothing to write home about but it gives you more content for a game that you hands just want to keep on playing.

Conclusion TL;DR
Is inFamous Second Son worth the price of admissions? I'd say yes over and over again. This is a big step in gaming, the fidelity of the characters, the way that Sucker Punch poured their entire beings into this game only goes to show me what more we can expect in the future. Studios have to take note from this game as it has raised the bar as far as I am concerned for gaming in general. The way this game handles is a dream I just wish I didn't have to wake up so quickly from it.The story may be somewhat generic but it has its own twist. I just wish the game had more, its lacking serious content for an open world game.

Thank You Sucker Punch for a memorizing experience.

EDIT - After Beating the game two times and getting the Platinum Trophy I have adjusted the Score before the review gets approved.

Graphics. I just can't get over how good this game looks on a $400 piece of hardware. Particles, Characters, The City. It's all there and done very well.
Great Soundtrack, good voice acting. Delsin Comes to life thanks to Troy Baker. Sound glitches could be fixed but existed as I played through
The Controls are butter. Smooth as can be. This game sets the bar on how games should feel from here on out. The gameplay is amazing.
Fun Factor
IF you take into account that the game itself is a blast to play than you might get away with a 10/10. As I've said the controls are amazing and add to the fun. Delsin is a fun guy, but the lack of content is apparent, I want more, but there simply is none left.
This game doesn't have a proper multiplayer, but it does however have an online element that makes you use the internet to solve an objective over 6 weeks. I am curious and very interested.
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thorstein1764d ago

This is a really good review. It seems to me that it would score closer to 9 than to 8 though, based on your praise of the game.

svoulis1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

The way I had to do it was think really hard if I thought the game deserved a 9 or even a 10. The conflict lays in the Morale system and repetitiveness in side missions. Overall though the game feels great/looks great/plays great. Hell Its just great, but not enough meat on the bones to offer much more than 2 playthroughs :/

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1763d ago

after two playthroughs and also recieving the platinum trophy I've been hesitant about writing my own review but I still believe this game should be around a 8/10. It was far too easy and the side missions were not a very good distraction.

FogLight1763d ago

I actually forgot about Paper Trail online mission even though I said that there is no online feature available... Great job FogKnight! *Hits myself*

I agree with your score but I gave it 9.7 since I loved the boss battles and the endings, even though the story and moral choices were weak. I would have gave it a similar score to yours if these two factors were also weak but other than that, I have similar opinion as you do, but with higher score from me (Which can be considered as a biased score to some people but I actually like it that much)

Great review and can't wait to read more from you :D

svoulis1763d ago

That was the hard part. Asking myself to seperate my love for how good the game felt and looked vs the lack of content. If I could I would give it a 9 or 10 but I had to change it to to 8.5 because even though reviews are opinionated it does not negate the fact that the game had enough flaws to remove 1.5 points. I try my best to keep my biases out of my reviews.

appreciate that you took the time to read it and comment. Thanks

Pintheshadows1762d ago

It really does feel terrific doesn't it. I can understand your reluctance to give it a 9 though. It feels like it lacks content compared to the other Infamous games. But then again it feels better to play and looks great.

robtion1762d ago

@pintheshadows: Exactly!

robtion1762d ago

Great review. Saves me writing one as you summed up my thoughts exactly. Just wish you could play paper trail without all the computer based stuff if you wanted to. I'm not interested in that but would like to see the missions.

Extra enemy variety like in infamous one would also have helped. Still, an excellent game.