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User Review : inFamous 2

  • Over 40 hours long
  • Game runs and looks smooth
  • User generated content
  • Sound track isn't as good as game
  • UGC is confusing at first.

After the success of the First Infamous, can lightning strike twice?

Sucker Punch Delivers their next installment on their take on comic book origin stories with Infamous 2. After the success of the First Infamous, can lightning strike twice?

Don't go into Infamous 2 without beating the first game you will be lost. Infamous 2 does very little back tracking on Infamous, They simply add to the story of Infamous. Infamous Is about a guy called Cole Macgrath who activated this thing called the ray's Sphere and got lightning powers from it. Sounds like your average super hero story, that's where your wrong. Infamous story is really deep. But i'll go more into detail later. All you need to know is that at the end of Infamous you are warned about this beast who is coming. well he has arrived and he kicks your but. Cole escapes to New Marais to find these chards that make him more powerful so that the next time the beast arrive to New Marais Cole will be ready.

Graphic wise Infamous 2 is a Beast...(no pun intended) New Marais Will make you feel like your walking the streets of New Orleans. characters no longer look like dolls, they look like real people who's emotions can be read through their facial expressions. Unlike the first game, the majority of the story is not told through Cole narrating a comic book. Sucker Punch uses real time in game engine which makes you feel like your acting out a living comic book.

Cole has a new voice actor. while the original will be missed the new guy passes. Like the first game the soundtrack isn't Amazing. At times I felt like certain scores could have been placed in other parts of the games campaign. However that isn't enough for anyone to hate the game.

You will be pleased to know that Infamous two plays exactly like Infamous. The game runs smooth and all the nasty bugs from the first game are gone. The biggest change to the gameplay is the addition of Cole's amp. Cole does some really stylish combos with this amp which is a huge improvement because in the first game, the hand to hand combat felt like you were doing a chore.

Infamous 2 is a really fun game. Defeating enemies and doing missions to gain xp and upgrade your characters really makes you fell like you accomplished a great deal of work, which you did. The bonds you create with Zeke kuo and knix are unbelievable. This game will make you care for their feelings and that will ultimately influence the choices you make. Whether you end up beating the game being a hero or infamous at the end, you will undoubtedly want to beat the game again just to find out what the alternative of all your choices outcome are. If that's not replay value i don't know what is.

Infamous 2 takes a bite from Little big planets book with the addition of User Generated Content. In this mode you can create your own missions for others to play. It's confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you wont want to stop creating. The Variety of options are incredible. You can make race's all out gang wars, assassination missions etc. you can even create your own cut scenes and dialogues to go along with it to have background stories.

Overall Infamous 2 is one of Playstation's strongest exclusive. Anyone who is a fan of the first Infamous should definitely pick this game up. Sucker punch has out done themselves with this game. This is an early contender for game of the year.

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Game0N2685d ago

7 is a little harsh for sound, i thought the voice acting was very good and the sound effects were amazing but overall good review. It is definitely a GOTY contender, i agree with new marais feeling alive and buzzing like new orleans. good job.

Seijoru2684d ago

I had a lot of sound issues with the game and Infamous 1 had a way better soundtrack.

Capt-FuzzyPants2684d ago

I dont think the game is over 40 hours. I played all the xtra missions and i didnt get close to that.

TGF_Zero2684d ago

I was Including User created Content...I should have been more specific lol :)

Capt-FuzzyPants2684d ago

Yea with UGC I could put in a lot of time. I thought you just meant both hero and villian playthroughs.