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User Review : I Am Alive

  • New approach for the survival style.
  • different and new experience for a reasonable price.
  • The satisfaction of overcoming challenges.
  • Weak story.
  • Short.
  • Dated graphics

Get ready for some deep experience different from anything you encountered before.

Disaster ! Massive earthquakes have ruined our life.Buildings falling and dust is everywhere.The Earth is not as we know it any more.Get ready for some deep experience different from anything you encountered before.

You play as someone who is looking for his wife and daughter through the ruins of their city.During your search you will encounter several challenges,some will be how to climb a high building and reach the top before your body gets fatigued,breathing becomes difficult and your hands finally give up and let go,and others when you will encounter other human beings,some will need your help,some will stay away from you if you stayed away from them,and some will do anything to protect themselves and gain possession of any survival material you have.

Some can mistake this game for a survival-horror,it's not,it's just survival but it also has some creepy moments.The major thing that makes this game different from any other is the STAMINA gauge.Whether you climb a building,running or just walking in the dust you will always consume stamina.Thanks for that for the first time in video games going from point A to point B is a challenge by's not the matter of finding the right direction any more,you also need to keep an eye on your stamina,figuring out the next step fast and sometimes even facing a group of hostile thugs.
You gather 4 types of resources you find lying here and there.Some will re-fill your stamina,some will re-fill your health ( or both ) some are equipments and some are ammunition.

Climbing in this game is neither good or bad it's very similar to what you experienced in other games like Uncharted.But combat is a little different,keep in mind that this is a survival game literally,so you will be limited on bullets resources and even retries.When you encounter a group of thugs most of the time especially during the first half of the game you will always have a number of bullets less than the number of people attacking you which is usually 3 or 4,so you will need to think very carefully before you start firing,you need to forget your trigger-happy fantasies while playing this game.When you encounter enemies first thing you need to do is aiming your gun at them.They will instantly hold and raise there hands while telling you to calm and such,by pressing the action button you can order them to back a little which will give you small period of time to come up with a strategy on who to take them out,but keep in mind that there are different kinds of enemies,some will shoot at you no matter what and some will act as if they backing but will surprise you with a sneaking hit,so don't ever lower your gun or give them your back,and even if you are out of bullets you can still aim at them but it will only be few seconds before they figure out it's empty and decide to go for it.

You reach checkpoints very often but saving the game only happens when you complete your task,you have a limited number of retries and if you ran out you will have to restart from last save point which can be about 10-15 minutes,but you can get more retries by helping people or find them in the world.You can help people by giving them specific type of resourced and helping people will reward you with retries and sometimes they will give you some information about something or someone you looking for.

There are however some hiccups of course it's not all perfect,for instance one time i got shot and died by an enemy when i restarted and went back for him i successfully killed him before he fires at me,but when i picked up his gone i found it empty which doesn't make an sense.Also sometimes when you go near survivors you will trigger a conversation when you go away and right back the same conversation will be repeated as it's the first time they see you.But those are not by any means a deal breaker they are just a couple of things that worth mentioning.

The game is very short i personally completed it in 4:45 minutes and i wasn't rushing it at all.The story isn't that appealing and the characters even the protagonist aren't interesting at all.Graphics is dated and gameplay mechanics aren't that bad at all.

If you like the post-apocalyptic survival style and you are looking for something new and different,challenging but not frustrating or even looking for some deep experience other than the so-called cinematic experience,putting aside the fact that this game have been in development for 4 years and considering it a 15$ 1.8GB downloadable game then you should check this out immediately.Personally i'm looking forward to an improved sequel for this.

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Etseix2394d ago

"different and new experience for a reasonable price"

reasonable price...short....

am i the only one does not expect a large game, for a price like that?

Abdou232394d ago

I didn't want to mention it in the review but it has more to do with the story and the ending of it than the actual playtime.The story wasn't finished,it seems like they intended to make it episodic or something,seems like they cut it into's also under 5 hours as i mentioned.

Etseix2393d ago

oh, if you put it like that then yeah, still a nice read, ty Abdou.

PixL2388d ago

Thank you for your review. Now I'll be waiting for some good deal on this game (half the price at least).