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User Review : Heavy Rain

  • Terrific atmosphere.
  • It's a pretty long game.
  • It's very hard to put down.
  • Almost pointless to play it a second time.
  • Some of the voice acting is just awful.
  • Hold R2 to move......

This is all that clown's fault.

Heavy Rain is a videogame thriller developed by Quantic Dream and released in 2010 exclusively for the PS3 home entertainment device. It follows the lives of four seperate protagonists as they endeavour to catch the Origami Killer, a serial kidnapper who has been kidnappin' it up all over town.

The game opens with decidedly average looking hero Ethan Mars lying half naked on his bed after what I presume was a long night of "self-exploration". At that moment a large arrow appears over weirdo Ethan's head as if to say 'Hey, I'm an arrow, deal with it'. You see in this game you have to follow on-screen button prompts in order to make the characters perform actions, in this case I had to move the right analogue stick up to make old self-loving Ethan get up and out of his bed, clever no? no.

It's the same control scheme that Quantic Dream used in their last master-piss, the fallible Fahrenheit, or Indigo Prophecy as it's known in the Americas, but while that game asked little of the player, Heavy Rain demands constant attention, barely a moment goes by when you're not being bombarded with prompts, be it chasing a bald guy through the streets, partaking in the difficult act of love making or just making some scrambled eggs for a freshly bathed prostitute. Basically Heavy Rain is real life, videogameized.

Just like real life, sometimes tragedy strikes. While out playing with himself in the park, Ethan has a blackout and awakes to find his son Shaun missing, it's later revealed that the Origami Killer has kidnapped Shaun and has hidden him in a secret location that will be revealed to Ethan as soon as he completes a number of 'trials' set up by the killer. These trials are designed to push Ethan to his limits to truly test his love for his son.

The supporting characters in Heavy Rain are as interesting as they are well rounded, all of the usual suspects are here; the charming private investigator who likes to have a drink, the sexy motorcycle-riding journalist and of course the bizarrely accented FBI agent with a penchant for Walter White's special cocaine mix. There are a number of scenes in which you play as one of these characters as they investigate their own leads in the Origami Killer case. The scenes almost always end in a nail-bitingly tense fist fight where the character could actually die if you fail to follow the prompts correctly!... Holy-moly!

If you're a fan of plot holes and inconsistencies then you'd better stay away from this b**ch, Heavy Rain is a plot hole free zone, the killer's motives are NOT ridiculous, it IS possible to kill a store owner, search his filing cabinets, call the police and get rid of your prints all in under six seconds.

Everytime Norman Jayden speaks an elocution tutor dies.

Heavy Rain is an utterly compelling game, I didn't put the controller down once from the beginning to the end credits, there are a few major holes here and there and one case of blatantly cheap misdirection but I was too busy enjoying myself to really care at the time. Pick this one up.

Interior sections look great, character models are pretty sweet too.
Music is fine but nothing special, some of the acting is shameful.
It's simple but it works, play it on the hard difficulty to get the most out of it.
Fun Factor
I couldn't stop!!
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ABizzel13308d ago

Terrific atmosphere.
It's a pretty long game.
It's very hard to put down.

Almost pointless to play it a second time.
Some of the voice acting is just awful.
Hold R2 to move......

I reviewed the game a while back, and review in nearly identical to how I felt, same score and all :)

It's a great game, but when you make a game like this presentation has to be flawless, meaning top notch graphics, great voice acting, and great story. It did good on all fronts except voice acting -_- Ugh, they were hollow (a better audio engineer), and some were just terrible even the main characters.

PhantomTommy3308d ago

We can't accept bad voice acting in games anymore, imagine if Half-Life or Mass Effect had bad voice acting, wouldn't it take away from the whole experience? I'm amazed Quantic Dream didn't take extra care when choosing the actors, especially when you consider it's a story driven game.

Thanks for the comment, man.

Valenka3308d ago

Your review doesn't make the game sound like it's worth an 8...

I digress, I disagree entirely with the negatives you mentioned about the game. I thought it was flawless in an overview, while it did have some things that needed to be worked on in a critical standpoint.

PhantomTommy3308d ago

It can't be flawless and still need work in some areas at the same time.

David Cage himself has said that he believes the game should only be played once because that's life, you only get one chance, I completely agree with him.

Thanks for the comment.

Valenka3308d ago

Well, I think it is. I think Heavy Rain is flawless, but if you look at it from a critical viewpoint, you'll notice things that need to be worked on. If I look at it generally, I find it flawless.

& if David Cage only wants gamers to play it once, there shouldn't be a trophy for seeing all endings, which kind of requires about six play-throughs.

Ingram3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

@[Valenka]Sorry, but no.
When you say it's flawless you're expressing a critical veredict per se, in the same way "politics" are not just in public political parties, but in all of human relationships.

By definition, there's no way around "Flawless".It's like saying something is "perfect" BUT; sounds like an euphemism you would use with a bad lover or something.
I don't particularly enjoy putting words in other people mouths, but I think is clear you just meant Heavy Rain is a "Masterpiece" with some flaws.

And I'm really confused as to why you play devil's advocate with the playthrough/endings thing as part of the small argument, perhaps you should cope better with being incongruent, we all are inconsistent sooner or later whether we like it or not.
Trying to be right for the sake of it gets us nowhere.
Just saying.

newflesh3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

The review is good and tongue in cheek. I especially liked the part "It's the same control scheme that Quantic Dream used in their last master-piss, the fallible Fahrenheit".
I swear I read it first as masterpiece, which it isn't of course :)

The game is great I think. And I fuckin love it. It's the closest thing to the movie "Se7en" which is one of my favourite movies of all time. I have played many many games and Heavy Rain is definetely the most mature game out there. The atmosphere is top notch, the graphics and art design are also great.

As for the negatives, the story is not very good, is rather cliche and it has several plot holes. If this story was adopted for a movie, it would be laughable, but as a game it works. It's more of a B-movie quality.
The music is nice but I wish the melodies were more diverse, not just the same theme music repeating every time.

Heavy rain is really one of a kind videogame now. I hope we'll see more of this kind of games in the near future.

PhantomTommy3308d ago

A Brad Pitt fan I presume?

I completely agree man, it's nice to see you can enjoy a game while still acknowledging it's flaws, not many people see the gray area in games anymore, it's either excellent of awful, this game is definitely closer to the former though.

newflesh3307d ago

I'm definetely not a Brad Pitt fan, though I love some of his movies. I'm more a fan of films by David Fincher, see my avatar :)