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User Review : Halo: Reach

  • Fantastic Online & forge world is immense
  • Campaign and great gameplay
  • Campaign and great gameplay
  • nothing

halo reach kill ps3

If you are one of those people who comes to a review looking for negative things being said about a game, you will not find it here. Halo Reach is the finest video game I have ever played. My playing experience spans 4 decades and is more than 30 years in the making.

The first thing I noticed about Halo Reach was the graphics. They are the best console graphics I have seen to date. The level of detail, both up close and from a distance is without equal. Superb lighting, HUGE amounts of on-screen enemy action and beautiful texturing all sets a backdrop for what feels like a living, breathing planet. That planet also serves as your battlefield.

The campaign is easily the best since Halo: Combat Evolved. I really enjoyed Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. I thought all of them had great campaigns, but Halo CE was still the master.

The master has been beaten. Halo Reach is the best campaign experience I have had in any game. It just isn't getting the least bit old. The missions have SO much variety. None of it gets stagnant or tedious. From space combat to talking numerous challenges in a variety of different ways, Halo Reach has the best FPS campaign money can buy.

The story drives the game and sets the tone for the gravity of the situation of the events taking place on Reach. The characters are believable and distinct. I know there is never enough time in a FPS game to develop the characters the way a writer would like, but they did a good job in Reach of making me feel I knew the characters considering the short time frame they had to accomplish this.

The enemies! They are swift and cunning. On Heroic and Legendary, it rivals playing real people. The Elites are simply brilliant. They are devious foes and clever warriors. Don't let yourself run out of ammo while not in cover. You will pay. The game is hard on Heroic and Legendary. Even the most seasoned players will die multiple times playing in these versions of the campaign. Want a friend to tag along? Up to 3 more Spartans can join you in your quest to fight the invading Covenant mennace.

Bungie has really outdone themselves with this campaign.

...and it's JUST the campaign. It's just 1 part of a much larger pie that is the Halo Reach experience.

Firefight is back from ODST and much, MUCH better. The level of customization is nearly endless. From gametype, to enemies to fight parameters, the folks over at Bungie have made Firefight nearly an entire game to itself.

Everyone who has ears and eyes is aware that Halo is the dominant force in online multiplayer games. Call of Duty has made a run on an aging Halo 3 but was never able to truly dethrone it. Halo 3 is still the most played online console game of all time.

It's about to be bested by Halo Reach. Simply put, it is the most in depth, rich and rewarding online MP experience on the planet. New game types make appearances along side old familiar friends. Armor abilities add a whole new level of depth to an already engaging game.

Then there is Forge. I don't even know where to begin, but if Halo 3s stripped down version of Halo Reachs Forges is an indication, the fans will do AMAZING things with it. Reach offers a Forge mode that is far more powerful than it's previous iteration. People will be forging for years and years to come.

The bottom line? Halo Reach is a true masterpiece. Once every seven or eight years a game comes along that not only perfects a genre, but it completely raises the bar from that point forward.
That point is Halo Reach.

Whether you own a 360, Wii or PS3, do what it takes to get a 360 and this game. You absolutely cannot miss it.

best overall on consoles, considering the amount of content and scale fo the campaign, Bungie did remarkable job.
Marty delivers great and authentic voice cast, the sound effects are briliant and the musical score is just briliant
good with great new gameplay additions
Fun Factor
camapaign was a great roller coaster ride even better with freinds, with the additonal modes this fun factor is through the roof.
Best multiplayer package on consoles.
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Supman2977d ago

Lol best on all consoles?
2 words
Uncharted two

SnuggleBandit2977d ago

Really sounds like he's trying to prove something with his word choice.

Plus, look through his user comments. You'll see what I mean.

ShadowCK2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Uncharted 2 is an overrated generic third person shooter. Halo Reach lays the smackdown on that horrible game and graphically speaking, Reach beats Uncharted 2, let's not forgot how linear Uncharted 2 is. People like you would give it 15/10 if you could.

UKdoaney2971d ago

haha your bell end is redder than lights on your xbox just thinking about halo lol gay boy, uncharted 2 is insane and how can you say reach is graphically better than UC2? lol

PS3owns360_2977d ago

I like this game in all.. but best graphics?
Oh come on.. Uncharted 2, KZ3, God Of War 3, and GT5 blow it away in graphic terms.

coolbeans2976d ago

You do realize graphics revolve around more than technical stuff, right? I personally don't see how Reach doesn't hang well with those when other critics have stated the same thing: great scope, detail, variation, etc. GT5 though? *looks at username* Oh so now a PS3 exclusive racing game counts in the runnings for best gfx but not the likes of Forza sigh....

That_Genius2977d ago

I fail to see how this got a perfect score if it got less than a 10 on one category. I don't get why you gave sound a 9.8 when you didn't say there was anything wrong with it. Also not the best graphics like the person above me said those games have much better graphics.

With all that said the games still looks really dope. I look forward to playing it.

Supman2976d ago

Lol this guy sent me 2 PM's saying why ps3 is fail!
Lol this guy is fail!

sdtarm2976d ago


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