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User Review : Halo 3

Why Halo 3 is worth buying

The game is amazing, the gameplay is perfect but they didn't need to remove the duel welding, How ever Halo 3 is one of the best shooters ever made so if you have and Xbox 360 or Xbox One (backwards compatible) then it is really worth picking up and trying out for yourself, The game starts shows Master Chief crashing into a planet. The game also show's the Master Chief trying to forget his new ally known as the Arbiter's past, (who used to be a soldier in the army he is fighting against). Unlike similar shooters from the time Halo 3 was NOT based on a real life war, but still feels like it is happening in real life since the game just immerses you and just makes you feel like an unstoppable beast. The Multiplayer is amazing with so many great maps and vehicles with some hilarious as hell game modes and funny as fuck kills and WTF moments which is pretty great for Bungie, which has NEVER made a bad Halo game, Halo also has some Great Guns such as the Battle Rifle,Spartan Laser and Needler. Halo also has Great Melee weapons such as the Energy Sword and the Gravity Hammer (which are both Hella fun when you land on someone's head and swing them). The vehicles are fun to use but some of the vehicles need 2 or more people to operate such as The Warthog or The Elephant, But over vehicles such as the Banshee,Chopper,Mongoose and the Scorpion tank, are these great vehicles which you only need one person to operate and are fun to run down your friends in a Classic PvP way which is great, but all in all the game is worth playing just to try it!

The music is so dramatic and makes you sound like a badass
The gameplay is outstanding its fun if you knock the grunts off a ledge and watching them fall, my only real problem with Halo 3 is they removed the duel welding.
Fun Factor
i'd give it a 11/10
it looks amazing and the graphics really immerse you in the world
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