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User Review : Gravity Rush Remastered

  • Impressive graphical advancements from the original version.
  • Interesting storyline.
  • Gravity powers are fun to use.
  • Many underdeveloped characters.
  • Cliffhanger ending.
  • Low replay value.

Enhanced gravity experience for PS4.


Kat is an amnesiac girl who wakes up in a floating city called Hekseville. There, she found a mysterious cat called Dusty, that allows her to use gravity powers. As she explores the city, she tries to recover her memories back, as well as helping people along the way.

The story is very simple. Although there are many interesting sub-plots in the game, they are ultimately left unexplained even towards the end of the game. Characters likewise, are not well-developed, although they are distinct with their own way. Kat herself is a very likable chaarcter, but she too doesn't get her story developed much by the end of the game, other than new mysteries.


Gravity Rush Remastered is a remastered version by Bluepoint Games of the original PS Vita game for PS4. It includes improved remastered graphics, enhanced character models, slightly changed gameplay controls, as well as three DLC packs from the PS Vita version, which are Maid Pack, Spy Pack, and Military Pack. All three DLC packs include new side missions, new Challenges and new costumes. This is the definitive edition of Gravity Rush so far.

This game is an open-world and action adventure game. You can traverse between different districts, collect Gems, use your gravity powers to fast traversal, and others. She can also use her regular kick attacks, special attacks on enemies, and other powers for her usage. You may also dodge attacks by using the PS4 controller's touchpad, and slide using the trigger buttons.

The game's progression is simple, as you progress in the game by completing Story Missions. Story Missions are simple in design, where you can go from one point to another, beat monsters, or do other objectives. Traversal in this game is rather unique as you can use Kat's gravity power to stick on walls, fly faster towards you destination, and much more. You will be using her gravity power. However, she has her own gauge that dictates on how long you can use here gravity powers, and the gauge will replenish itself if you do not use any gravity powers for short period of time. Or, you can pick up items to replenish her gravity gauge, as well as her health.

As you progress in the game, Kat will have more variety of gravity powers to be used, for both combat and traversal. You may also choose to upgrade her powers by spending Gems, which can be obtained while exploring the districts, Rift Planes, or by completing the optional Challenges. However, you can only upgrade a power or a stat to a certain level until you reach the next level of reputation. Kat's reputation can be increased by fixing the city's facilities and completing Story Missions. There are a variety of Challenges in the game, such as racing from one point to another within a time limit, and beating up the Nevi to get a high score. Getting a medal in one Challenge will reward you Gems, which can be used to power up Kat's powers and stats.

In combat, you will fight against enemies called Nevi, black coloured creatures with red orbs as their weak points. There are several types of Nevi with different shapes, such as one shaped like an elephant, one shaped like a plant, and etc. The regular Nevi will not pose much threat, but the bigger ones may pose major threat to you during the game's Missions. Destroying the red cores will destroy the Nevi, but some of the Nevis' red cores may take more than one powerful attack to destroy it. Boss fights are also included in the game, and some of them can be challenging if you do not upgrade Kat's powers or stats properly.

Overall gameplay is solid. Although the combat is fun, many of the game's enemies require very same strategy to beat them, which is to destroy the red cores. Gravity powers are relatively fun to use, but some players may face nausea when using Kat's gravity power such as shifting as the camera may orient inversely involuntarily. Story Missions are a bit varied, but still repetitive on objectives.

However, the upgrading system is simple, yet creative as Kat's reputation affects how many levels can she upgrade her powers or stats. The slightly tweaked controls such as sliding and dodging are well-done, as well.


This game uses cel-shaded graphics, which perfectly represents the game's environments and characters like an anime series. Not only that, the comic book styled cutscenes are also rather well-drawn. In-game engine cutscenes are very few, but they are still well-done however. The remastered version looks very pretty on PS4, with no framerate drops, bugs, or glitches. The enhanced character models look very detailed, with no jagged edges on them. The environments simply look great in a bigger screen too.


The soundtrack is rather nice to listen, with different themes played on different districts, as well as nice and listenable themes when playing the game's missions and battles. There are only minimal voice acting, where the voice actors speak an in-game language like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus during certain cutscenes.

Replay Value

Sadly, this game has low replay value once you have finished the game's story. You can opt to get all Gold medals in all Challenges, defeat the rare Nevis in the game, listen to all of the mysterious couple's conversations, or get the Platinum of this game. There is no New Game Plus mode in this game, and not many side quests are available in the game, other than the DLCs Missions and Challenges. The DLCs Challenges are very fun to do, but they are only two of them for each pack, and the Side Missions as well. The low replay value issue could be fixed if there is a Chapter Select feature, or if SCE Japan Studio include more variety of Challenges.


This remastered version by Bluepoint games is astounding, as always. However, the graphical advancement made to the original game do not fix the original game issues. Despite the game's simple progression, simple and underdeveloped story, repetitive yet fun combat and low replay value, this game still manages to be unique among other games for the game's focus on gravity powers with unique overall gameplay controls, as well as amazing cel-shaded graphics. I also prefer the small changes to the game controls compared to the PS4 version, because some of the controls back on the PS Vita version can be a nuisance to use. I highly recommend this game to any new players who have not played Gravity Rush on PS Vita, and for those who like simple yet fun adventure game. This is a solid adventure and open world mixed with some RPG elements, but it is not perfect nevertheless.

Pros and Cons

- Impressive graphical advancements from the original version.
- Includes all DLC packs, with unique Side Missions, Challenges and Costumes.
- Interesting storyline.
- Kat is a likable protagonist.
- Good supporting characters.
- Unique and slightly altered gameplay controls suited for the PS4 controller.
- Gravity powers are fun to use, especially when flying.
- Fun combat.
- Fun boss fights.
- Excellent exploration using gravity power.
- Simple yet creative upgrading system.
- Amazing cel-shaded graphics.
- Good soundtrack.

- Many underdeveloped characters.
- Cliffhanger ending.
- Many unresolved mysteries.
- Not many sidequests.
- Combat feels repetitive towards the end of the game.
- Many of the game's enemies require same strategy to beat.
- Low replay value.

Impressive graphical advancements by Bluepoint games, with enhanced character models, and no framerate drops. No bugs and glitches encountered so far.
Nice to listen soundtrack, with different styles of music. Minimal voice acting, with very few dialogues using an in-game language like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.
Solid gameplay, with slightly tweaked game controls to some of the moves, such as the Gravity Slide. Repetitive battles against the Nevi enemies, short playing time and low replay value are some of the concerns with both of the original and remastered versions.
Fun Factor
Interesting story, yet underdeveloped and ended abruptly, directly pointing towards the announced sequel. The DLC packs included increase the game's playing time, but not by much.
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Germany71012d ago

Great review, i can't wait to finally play Gravity Rush.

robtion1012d ago

You are in for a real treat. Was the best exclusive on vita.

IamTylerDurden11010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

Idk if it was the best but it was 1 of the best. Imo Gravity Rush, KZ Mercenary, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice & Soul Sac Delta, and AC3 Liberation were excellent Vita exclusives. As a huge Resistance fan i loved Burning Skies and still don't understand the hate. I never played Oreshika but heard fantastic things about it. I still love my Vitas.

IamTylerDurden11010d ago

Yep, Helldivers, Guacamelee, Virtua Tennis 4, Sly Collection, P4G, Virtues Last Reward, Rogue Legacy, and PS All-Stars were excellent on Vita as well.

I haven't tried Shovel Knight on Vita yet but it's supposedly great. I own Bastion on Vita as well but haven't tried it.

IamTylerDurden11010d ago

I can't wait to finally play Gravity Rush....Again!

robtion1010d ago

Yep I played most of the games you mentioned and they're all really good. I just felt Gravity Rush was the most unique and fun.

I also love Shinobido 2, Hotline Miami, and Oddworld Strangers Wrath on my Vita.

robtion1010d ago

The sequel looks pretty amazing too.

robtion1010d ago

Oh yeah, P4G is so good. Persona 5 is one of my most anticipated games for 2016.

Sly thieves in time was good too. Plus the Jak trilogy and Ratchet trilogy. I also put quite a bit of time into Lumines: Electronic Symphony. Very addictive.

IamTylerDurden11010d ago

As great as Gravity Rush is, Gravity Rush 2 looks even better. The visuals are jaw dropping, the combat revamped, and i do hope Raven is playable.

Gravity Rush 2

the world is 2.5x bigger than in Gravity Rush

Raven will assist you in battle and may be playable

Supposedly an anime is coming out to bridge the 2 games together

Locations modeled after South America and South East Asia in the game

Time attacks/leaderboards and will have ghosts. U can send challenges.

Rumor - Dusty is playable with his own skill tree

A much more destructible environment

Features 3 different fighting stances - normal, lunar, Jupiter.
Jupiter - slower attacks but much stronger
Lunar- faster and easier to chain combos, but weaker

2016 is all about the celebration of Kat!

robtion1010d ago

Yes. Playable Raven would be really cool. It's a definite day 1 buy for me.

PoopsMcGee1005d ago

Good review. I can't wait to replay it.

One thing though: how did you get a copy to review this far in advance?

Chaos_Raiden1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Thanks for reading.

The Asia edition was released earlier last month, and it is fully in English.

PoopsMcGee1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Oh, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks! (If it's in full English, I wonder why the long wait for the rest of us?)

I'm glad to hear the controls have translated well from the Vita version. That was my one worry going in :)