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User Review : Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The first GTA game for the DS is a fun one.

The DS version of Grand Theft Auto is a great new take on the series. Return to the world of 2-d top down view from GTA 1 and 2 with new features from new games like 4.

You play as a Chinese guy this time around that came to America to find out who killed his father and deliver the family heirloom that has been in the family to determine who is the leader is his Uncle. Like all GTA's though there are plot twist abound and everything is not as it seems.

New features added in this game is that everything is through email and your PDA. Not one time you are on the phone. To make your Molotov this time around you don't buy em you go straight to the gas pump with some bottles and fill them up! Turf Wars and kill as many gang members as you can has returned. Some of the older funner weapons like the chainsaw the minigun and the flamethrower are back. With new ones like the flash bang. The best thing about this game is the drug selling/buying system easy way to make a lot of cash if you can find the right dealer. That's pretty much this time for new stuff.

The game itself is pretty fun through memorable (kinda) characters, plot twisting story and a decent sized world. If you played GTA games before you will feel at home here. Except the only problem is with the 2-d Top down view you can barely see 20 feet in front of you and since its top down free aim only shoots straight ahead thus, its useless if you want to kill something you will have to look on that is in some cases kinda silly locking on to a guy 10 feet away from you rather than the guy 2 feet away from you. I died a lot from just that fact but once you master it you will be able to enjoy it. The missions this time mix it up a lot. Sometimes your firing a minigun with unlimited ammo out of a back of a pickup truck while enemies barrel down on you or you have to kill a rival bike gang to prove yourself after you sneaked into the bike gang you are in just to get information. The game is still a GTA game it runs for about a good 20-25 hours if you are just going through for completion. After the game though there are new weapons and challenges to beat just like other GTA games. So basically if you own a DS and like GTA you owe to yourself to pick this up.

[N4G Edit]: This review was originally posted on May 11th 2009 on my Gamespot profile.

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